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Article ID: 127649, created on Dec 1, 2015, last review on Oct 6, 2017

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When synchronizing the reseller the following options and objects are not synced:

  • default Plan Period. Feature request with id #PBA-65398 ("Plan Default Subscription Period is not delegated to the reseller");
  • changed plan icon. Feature request with id #PBA-66052 ("Icon is not synced to delegated service plan");
  • added plan upgrade path. Feature request with id #PBA-66622 ("Synchronize plan upgrade path"), #PBA-42238 ("Reseller's Synchronization of plan Allowed Upgrades/Downgrades relations");
  • sort order, description, and price text;
  • 'Period Fees Description' and 'After Refund Period' in subscription periods;
  • changed service plan name (if the plan has been earlier delegated and the provider changed its name later);
  • changed plan and resource descriptions. Feature request #PBA-50882 ("Synchronize Plan and Resource descriptions to delegated plans");
  • changed service terms;
  • changed `Auto-renewal option, related feature Request #PBA-48599 ("Set Auto-Renewal for Delegated SP from Provider Control Panel")
  • SKU, feature request #PBA-43850 ("Flexible way to sync resellers's SKU");
  • changed Published property, related feature request #PBA-47632 ("Synchronize delegated plan's Published property to resellers");
  • notification settings, related feature requests #PBA-47029 ("Sync notification settings when syncing the resellers subscriptions"), #PBA-38929 ("propagate Notification Templates settings to resellers automatically upon reseller creation").

A general feature request for improvements is #PFR-511 ("Improved Synchronization of Reseller Objects").

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