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Article ID: 127585, created on Nov 27, 2015, last review on Dec 25, 2015

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  • Operations Automation

Release Notes

Fixed Issue:

APS-30182 Registry::Impl::getPermissionsByActorType() fetches lots of data under application impersonated as provider

APS-30184 "Propagation of APS 2.0 resources for the account" task failed

Included from OA 6.0.5 HOTFIX 127275 APS v6

APS-29704 CP/CCP was down because Propagation task locked account

APS-29705 Propagation fails with error 'No @ at address' when a mailbox has no email address

Included from OA 6.0.5 HOTFIX 127117 APS v5

APS-29185 Log in to PCP is slow when PCP APS placeholders are enabled

APS-29192 verification script is not called for multi-step-login

APS-29283 creation of dns record aps resource is not allowed if 'DNS Hosting' RT reached subscription limit

Included from OA 6.0.5 HOTFIX 127043 APS v4

APS-28815 exception on substituted DNS record activation because record was already removed

Included from OA 6.0.5 HOTFIX 126922 APS v3

APS-28601 admin-user can remain in aps:deleted status if it has links with 2 different applications

Included from OA 6.0.5 HOTFIX 126794 APS v2

APS-28306 when 2 applications with suwizard are present in subscription, only one of them is shown in SU creation wizard

Included from OA 6.0.5 HOTFIX 126605 APS v1

APS-27875 Saas updates all resources during new resource registration

APS-27876 Synchronize Resource Usage task should not pick up service instance in not 'ready' state


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 6.0.5 via pa_updates_installer.

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