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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Business Automation version 6.0.6 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Enhancement of Advanced Search for Accounts
  • Enhancement of Notifications: Enabling Extra Invoice Details in Notifications to Resellers
  • Adoption of OACI Module to European Taxation Rules 2015
  • Password Length for OpenSRS Domain Plug-in
  • Domain Transit-To-Registry Operation Support by EPAG Plug-in
  • Existing Orders can be Paid Using ‘Top Up Balance’ Wizard
  • Asynchronous Sending of Messages for Distribution List
  • Generating Consolidated Invoices if Statement Date was Missed
  • Discontinue Support of SSLv3 and TLS 1.0
  • API Change Subscription Fees
  • Behavior Change for Billing On-Hold Subscriptions

Fixed Issues

Public API

  • PBA-66176 'SubscriptionResourcesListGet_API' API method may return duplicates entries.
  • PBA-65330 PlanRateListGetForPeriod_API does not return resource rate period prices.


  • PBA-65775 SHVA payment gateway does not shift credit card expiration date.


  • PBA-66544 It is not possible to clone plan with certain fee values.
  • PBA-66405 Subscription PromoCode is not updated when promotion ID is changed.
  • PBA-65774 Hide common upgrade wizard for VPS resources.
  • PBA-65738 Provisioning item delayed with comment "Wait until Order Items with more priority completed" if more than one transfer is purchased in one order and 'whois' is ordered.
  • PBA-64327 Subscription hangs in "Changing Plan" state after Change Order is canceled by Daily Billing.
  • PBA-63499 It is not possible to configure Order flow for Payment Order.
  • PBA-62881 Subscription is not removed from Operations Automation when failed sales order is archived.

Control Panel

  • PBA-66049 PBA-65774 was not fully fixed.
  • PBA-63494 Only 25 plans are shown in switch plan wizard.

Operations Automation Integration

  • PBA-66023 TLD can be saved as domain name service parameter.
  • PBA-65837 Subscription is destroyed in Operations Automation even if order cancellation failed.
  • PBA-65563 Destroying subscription based on RESELLERGATE may cause Business Automation unavailability.
  • PBA-64326 Order to change service plan can be stuck in "Long running operation" instead of failing.
  • PBA-63082 "Wait asynchronous event notifications" option works incorrectly.


  • PBA-67214 Describe additional detail in "Low Balance warning" notification behaviour.
  • PBA-67056 Incorrect Public API documentation for "PlanParamsGetAndValidate_API".
  • PBA-67003 Add details about attributes "Propagate to Subscription" parameter.
  • PBA-66937 Add reference to HTTPS hardening to PCI Implementation Guide.
  • PBA-66887 Public API Reference Guide: improve command for sending the API request via curl.
  • PBA-66728 Comments can now be allowed in API requests.
  • PBA-66715 Description of NameServersChanged_API is outdated.
  • PBA-66677 Specifiction of InvoiceID in ARDocInfoGet should be corrected.
  • PBA-66676 CreateManualOrder_API does not create provisioning items.
  • PBA-66675 It is not clear from documentation that third parameter of PlaceAccountCancellationOrder_API has to be passed even if it is empty.
  • PBA-66674 "Bank Account" payment method is not totally described in PlaceOrderAndAuthorize_API section of Public API Reference guide.
  • PBA-66326 Business Automation for Linux Deployment Guide documentation missing required php-pdo package.
  • PBA-66150 PVPS service plan can not be created in German locale.
  • PBA-65660 Getting Started with Business Automation Reseller's Guide contains legacy navigation scenarios.
  • PBA-65199 No Info in doc that there is a need to escape special characters in API XML request.
  • PBA-64771 Wrong restart instructions in Business Automation Domain Plug-in SDK Installation guide.
  • PBA-64630 Transfer subscription to another account - Some of the resources associated with this subscription cannot be transferred.
  • PBA-64593 Legacy Plesk in VPS service is not supported for migrating subscription between accounts - should be mentioned in docs.
  • PBA-64535 CHECKED_LIST_ITEMS description in Online Store guide is incorrect.
  • PBA-64480 Add details for REGFORM_TYPE set to Auto description.
  • PBA-64257 DetTypeID for Plan Renewal is missing in Business Automation Public API Reference guide.
  • PBA-63966 'Language Pack Installation' chapter of Business Automation Localization Guide should be rewritten.
  • PBA-47722 Directory of placement built RPM now differs from described in guide for version 5.4.


  • PBA-66740 Certificate request fails with “Missing or Invalid Field: country” error.


  • PBA-66624 Sync from registrar fails and some domain parameters are reset to null.
  • PBA-65230 MIT empty details can be sent on domain contact update.
  • PBA-64999 Multiple domain renewal requests can be sent in scope of one renewal order.
  • PBA-61620 InternetX domain plug-in may crash if timeout is reached.
  • PBA-67007 Recurring tiered prices are not delegated to reseller.
  • PBA-66893 Reseller is created with privileges that differ from defined in service template.


  • PBA-66362 Not Invoiced purchases are calculated incorrectly after Billing Order for Reseller creation.
  • PBA-65351 Reseller synchronization is not optimized.

Online Store

  • PBA-65546 Cannot add Plesk in default VPS Service Plan in Online Store.
  • PBA-65427 Two sales categories for Plesk in VPS cannot be added to the same screen.
  • PBA-65009 Month is not localized in Plesk options in OACI VPS.
  • PBA-64698 Full account information is not updated from store in case account was created using short registration form.
  • PBA-64172 "Unable to validate the entered address" warning is shown after attempting to place order with invalid payment data.
  • PBA-62171 "Check" button on main store page leads to wrong path.
  • PBA-62077 GetOrderDetailList_API is sent under default language on last screen of Online Store.
  • PBA-35191 Reseller's synchronization may fail in case Provider's online store has been removed.


  • PBA-66600 Upsellapi does not invalidate broken connections to database.
  • PBA-64536 Wrong currency is displayed in plan creation wizards.


  • PBA-66406 "Low Balance warning" notification was not sent.
  • PBA-66265 Attempt to call usellapi component could fail with timeout in Business Automation 6.0.5.
  • PBA-66239 Sales Order containing 'One-Time fee items' is in 'Provisioning Failed' status even though all of its order items are completed.
  • PBA-65693 Business Automation can fail under heavy load by auth timeouts.
  • PBA-65152 Incorrect subscription service status is set on renewal order failure.
  • PBA-65064 Some canceled orders cannot be archived.
  • PBA-65046 During upgrade precheck does not require to re-build custom plug-ins.
  • PBA-64475 Scheduler log has wrong owner after upgrade and cannot be accessed.
  • PBA-63365 Order processing may fail under heavy load.
  • PBA-62809 Search Dashboard: search emails by "Account ID" works incorrectly.

Installation Instructions

New Installations:

Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Deployment Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Deployment Guide


Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Upgrade Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Upgrade Guide

Installation Files


It is installed from Operations Automation UI as the server role. For details, see the documentation in "Installation Instructions" above).


Business Automation Application (SHA1: 9daf16bf7646158430a57f8343f8b7e7ae997dd9)

Business Automation Online Store (SHA1: e727eb328d57d5514e45a4866e92fe08bc9dbd4f)

See also: Business Automation 6.0 Updates.

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