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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Operations Automation version 6.0.6 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • PTR Records Automatic Creation Support
  • Recreating VPS with Plesk Subscriptions
  • Optimized Secure Architecture of Plesk Provisioning in VPS
  • Automatic Plesk License Issue per Plesk Configuration
  • Adjusting Multiple Plesk Instances According to Changes in Plesk Configuration
  • Multiple PHP Version Support for Plesk 12.0 Linux
  • Implementation of Mass Plesk Micro-Updates via PCP
  • Updating Pre-Installed Plesk in VPS During Provisioning
  • Adding Plesk to the Existing VPS via Upgrade in CCP
  • Significant Speed-Up of Plesk Provisioning in VPS
  • Improvements in Plesk DNS Zones Propagation

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-96718 Exchange 2013 mailbox creation: task "Initialize mailbox with E-Mail Address" fails.
  • POA-96694 Installation of Exchange2013Autodiscover package fails with "Transaction was rolled back in a different thread" error.
  • POA-95627 Anonymous user unable to send mail to Public Folder.

Messaging Services

  • POA-97856 Exchange mail hosting cannot be added to domain.

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-96731 elFinder sends content of files without explicit specifying of charset encoding.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-93389 Provider's Staff Member with only 'Own CP Access' privilege in Operations Automation can edit Apache service default configuration and NG default configuration.
  • POA-91051 Websites are accessible via incorrect IP address that exists on NG.
  • POA-86934 Error_log in NG do not contain usual for apache logs headers.

VPS Hosting

  • POA-96835 VPSRegistrator uses an incorrect algorithm for checking IPv6 support.

Application Packaging Standard

  • APS-29414 Missed custom APS placeholders setting when upgrade Operations Automation from 5.5 to 6.0.6.
  • APS-29117 Encrypted properties are visible to resource owner.
  • APS-29100 Verification script is not called for multi-step-login.
  • APS-28982 Impossible to register DNS record without 'recordId' property.
  • APS-28907 Log in to PCP is slow when PCP APS placeholders are enabled.
  • APS-28697 Controller sends 'APS-Version:2.0' header to application instead of 'APS-Version:2.1.x' (for 6.0.x).
  • APS-28654 APS does not allow removing manually created database if DB user named as u_sa.
  • APS-28552 Exception on substituted DNS record activation because record was already removed.
  • APS-28388 Admin user can remain in aps:deleted status if it has links with two different applications.
  • APS-28244 Task for provisioning of Lync license fails: creation of resource with type "dns" is not allowed.
  • APS-28229 When switching between Operations Automation and Business Automation, obsolete session cookies are stored by Chrome browser, which may lead to error.
  • APS-28226 APS session timeout is not synced with Operations Automation - for refresh button only.
  • APS-28205 Invalid package path if transaction is rolled back during re-import of APS package.
  • APS-28175 pem.removeAccount API request fails if account has APS 1.2 application installed on domain.
  • APS-27850 When two applications with suwizard are present in subscription, only one of them is shown in SU creation wizard.
  • APS-27780 Unforeseen error when adding application service to user when account has several subscriptions of application and in one of them app instance is not installed.
  • APS-27265 GIF icons should be allowed by apslint.
  • APS-27157 RRState property remains "active" when DNS record is replaced with another one.
  • APS-26999 SaaS updates all resources during new resource registration.
  • APS-26987 APS ResourceStore ignores 'apsType' request parameter.
  • APS-26812 'Synchronize Resource Usage' task should not pick up service instance in not 'ready' state.
  • APS-26779 Incorrect provisioning order of APS resources because of wrong weight of saas.application rc.
  • APS-24992 Incomplete upgrade patch 12499_APS7574 leads to inability to add new items to distribution lists.
  • APS-21701 Unprovisioning of 'VPS + Plesk' subscription fails when try to remove account.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-11713 Endless VLAN advertisements started after VPS migration.
  • CCU-11685 Connection leaks in vm2vf.
  • CCU-11644 Removal of resources in ST triggers removal of resources in existing subscriptions.
  • CCU-11599 Re-creation of VE fails if Windows versions have different locales.
  • CCU-11519 Xmx2048m -Xms2048m should be always for Service Automation.
  • CCU-11506 Operations Automation should reflect real usage of VE in diskspace.
  • CCU-11460 Unable to add hardware node: insert or update on table "hn" violates foreign key constraint "fk_hn2locations" Detail: Key (location)=(DEFAULT) is not present in.
  • CCU-11430 Incorrect netmask validation in Firewall rules.
  • CU-11396 Customer has options for three backup schedules in CCP for OACI VPS even though subscription have resource only for two backup schedules.
  • CCU-11384 Templete name instead of OS name should be listed in drop-down box.
  • CCU-11378 Provisioning of "Panel" for APS application Plesk fails with Failed to execute command in VE.
  • CCU-11347 Add rotation of IM db ve_resource_usage_history records.
  • CCU-11346 VE with installed app-template is not recreated – Applications install initiation failed.
  • CCU-11222 CPU/RAM statistics for cyrillic-named VE is not accumulated.
  • CCU-11089 AdjustVeStatesJob fails every 5 minutes.
  • CCU-10936 Cyrillic server name goes in utf16 instead of utf8.
  • CCU-9931 failed if no ve_disks.


  • POA-97714 Insecure examples in Session Management section of Providers Guide.
  • POA-97496 APS proxy is available from 6.0.6 version.
  • POA-97476 Multiple PHP 5.5 / 5.6 vulnerabilities.
  • POA-97219 Link to KB 123177 should be added to Operations Automation Upgrade Workflow Guide.
  • POA-97184 PowerDNS update task fails with error: Operation with storage caused error: 'Domain not found'.
  • POA-97178 "Forgot Password" link expiration time is not mentioned in documentation.
  • POA-96685 Incorrect logging in chief function addSubsWithCapabilitySharedObjects (subs_manager_impl.cpp).
  • POA-96663 UI request getting stacked in case of attempt to login using shared secret.
  • POA-96648 ActiveDirectory SC could deadlock during execution of tasks like 'Set password for ...'.
  • POA-96579 app_id is not valid input for pem.APS.provideApplicationInstance.
  • POA-96553 Description of pem.addDomain and pem.addSubdomain should be corrected in Public API Reference guide.
  • POA-96536 Prerequisite of Windows Installer 4.5 for MS SQL is obsolete.
  • POA-96397 Wrong name of service controller SSLProxy in Operations Automation Windows Shared Hosting Deployment Guide.
  • POA-96354 Description of PHP implementation changing in the Customer's Control Panel should be corrected.
  • POA-96281 Staff member with only "Billing_Access" privilege can see all webspaces and modify configuration.
  • POA-96244 Privilege escalation via doLoginas function.
  • POA-96213 qmail hosting is turned on during subscription upgrade.
  • POA-96187 TIPPool struct in IPPool.idl is different in C++ part and Java.
  • POA-95985 Operations Automation Reseller's Guide contains legacy screenshots.
  • POA-95898 Unclear messages in WPE wizard and documentation.
  • POA-95888 Unable to create DNS record with PTR type inside any domain DNS zone in Operations Automation.
  • POA-95632 Wrong Inbound Backnet firewall rules in configuration Operations Automation Windows Shared Hosting Deployment guide.
  • POA-95621 Description of how to input DNS forwarders IPs.
  • POA-95545 Mandatory fields are not marked with '*' in Customer CP.
  • POA-95011 Operations Automation Reseller's Guide incorrect information regarding Password Quality levels.
  • POA-95006 'PUBLIC' option of ANNOUNCEMENT does not work at all.
  • POA-94871 Old build of libiqxmlrpcd included in version 6.0.
  • POA-94543 "All users" privilege if disables also hides "Sessions" tab.
  • POA-94541 Upgrade from trial link is shown in CP if "Billing access" is disabled.
  • POA-94242 Adding access to databases could cause DatabaseManager to deadlock.
  • POA-94110 SQLGrammarException while transferring customer account to reseller.
  • POA-93314 '' script fails in case of separate /usr partition.
  • POA-93313 '' script fails to check for SELinux.
  • POA-93221 Business Automation hostname may be configured incorrectly.
  • POA-87022 No information on how to install IIS on Windows UI Node in Operations Automation.

Plesk in VPS

  • PVPS-1264 Unprovisioning of “VPS with Plesk” subscription fails if there is no network connection between VPS and Operations Automation Management Node.
  • PVPS-1201 Plesk application does not check status of its components installation. Fix Description: If the installation of at least one of the Plesk components fails, the task fails with Plesk error.
  • PVPS-1179 Confusing warning message "No configurations were found..." is always displayed when creating/editing Plesk configuration in case of enabled integration with Partner Central, where Product configurations are not created.
  • PVPS-1207 Domain deletion from Plesk leads to its deletion from Operations Automation, though initially this domain was created on Operations Automation side.
  • PVPS-1117 Removing of “VPS with Plesk” subscription fails if the operating system is updated to the version unsupported by Plesk.
  • PVPS-786 “VPS with Plesk” subscription fails on prerequisites (install vc-redist) if another msi is running.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.

See also: Operations Automation 6.0 Updates.

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