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Article ID: 127338, created on Nov 4, 2015, last review on Nov 4, 2015

Application Catalog for Virtuozzo Technical Preview

Application Catalog for Virtuozzo is a new subscription service that we will be offering to our Virtuozzo customers. This service is delivered to you in partnership with Bitnami and gives you an access to several dozens of popular hosting applications, packaged as Virtuozzo virtual machine and container images. These applications are packaged as self-contained full stacks, pre-integrated tested together; it is continuously updated with security patches and new versions. Production version of the catalog is scheduled for general availability in early 2016. We invite you try the technical preview now to provide feedback and start integration of this service into your online store and provisioning system.

About Application Catalog for Virtuozzo

The catalog provides the latest versions of your favorite applications and development stacks. Choose from Wordpress, Redmine, SugarCRM, Alfresco, Drupal, MediaWiki, GitLab and dozens of other popular applications designed for different users and businesses. Every application is pre-compiled and pre-configured with all necessary dependencies so that they work out-of-the-box as a container or virtual machine. So you no longer need to spend enormous amount of time fixing and updating your own application catalog. Subscription to the catalog licenses the service provider to use these application images on any Virtuozzo 6 (or later) host, launching these instances as Virtual Machines or Containers. The Service Provider may find best suitable monetization strategy; most common models would be

  • Targeting specific verticals that use specific applications, such as developer communities
  • Integrating image catalog into own provisioning system, making seamless one-click experience deploying these applications, to make IaaS services more useful and easier to consume.

Each application is delivered with standard computer readable description (metadata) which can be used to build a categorized and searchable web catalog integrated into the provider's own control panels and online stores

What will change once we go into production

Initially this service is launched as a technical preview. While fully functional, it is not yet intended for production - we are still polishing the delivery mechanisms. You may use this phase to begin evaluating the catalog and integrating it into your own business operation systems. At this moment, the catalog preview is available with the latest Virtuozzo 6 update, for any Virtuozzo customers. No trial licenses is required to use it - just follow the instructions below. About 3 months later, this service will be launched in production mode. When this happens, the following will change:

  1. Anonymous access to the catalog will be disabled
  2. In order to enjoy uninterrupted access, you will need to acquire proper subscription and access keys
  3. Free trial/evaluation access will also be available

To get started

Download and follow the instructions from this whitepaper.


You can provide feedback about this service in Virtuozzo forum.

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