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Horde web-page displays the following message:

This page was disabled by security reason. You can log into webmail using POA CP or url like 'webmail.test.tld'.


Corresponding DNS record is missing or disabled.


Check horde.log on the webmail server:

[root@webmail ~]# tail /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/horde.log
Aug 06 19:13:06 HORDE [error] [imp] FAILED LOGIN for test@test.tld [] (forwarded for []) to {imap143s.test.tld:143 [imap/notls]} [pid 40859 on line 139 of "/usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/webmail/586/imp/lib/Auth/imp.php"]
Aug 06 19:36:12 HORDE [error] [imp] FAILED LOGIN for test@test.tld [] (forwarded for []) to {imap143s.test.tld:143 [imap/notls]} [pid 40864 on line 139 of "/usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/webmail/586/imp/lib/Auth/imp.php"]

According to the above output it is unable to connect to "imap143s.test.tld". It can be verified on the server:

[root@webmail ~]# host imap143s.test.tld
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Go to Domains > test.tld in Provider Control Panel and check that DNS record "imap143s.test.tld" exists and is activated.

Verify that name resosolution works properly after record was added and propagated to OSA DNS servers.

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