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Article ID: 127123, created on Oct 10, 2015, last review on Oct 10, 2015


Exchange tasks related to Autodiscover services grows linearly with amount of CAS servers registred in OA. The examples of the tasks are:

"Register domains ... in Autodiscover ..."

"Unregister domains ... in Autodiscover ..."


The issue is caused by software issue with ID POA-97358 ‘Execution time of task "Register domains ... in Autodiscover ..." grows linearly with the number of CAS servers registered in the OA’.


Currently the following workaround can be applied:

  1. Open file "c:\Program Files\Parallels\Windows Provisioning Engine\Providers\SW Managed Exchange\Utils\ExchangeUtils.ps1" on Windows Provsioning Engine node;
  2. Locate function UpdateAutodiscoverConfig;
  3. Comment with # symbol the lines where SynchronizationProvider is called (line numbers 204 and 219);
  4. Save file;
  5. Repeat step 1-4 on all Windows Provisioning Engine hosts.

Please contact your account manager to track the status of POA-97358

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