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Article ID: 127109, created on Oct 8, 2015, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


Web Presence Builder 11.0.x is used. Editing a site in WPB from OA customer control panel fails with an error

Cannot connect to PA4WP server. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists

In htdocs/tmp/sitebuilder.log log file in webspace where centralized instance of Parallels Automation for Web Presence is installed the following message is logged:

2014-02-18T16:31:29+01:00       [EMERG] [System]        /api/5.0/site/61ff5a8e-8a6c-a214-7602-106d43e3169e/token/       SB_Application_Exception_NotAuthenticated_NotResolved: User 61ff5a8e-8a6c-a214-7602-106d43e3169e not authenticated


Either config.php file is missing or is empty in document root of the edited domain.

If this file exists and is not empty, get siteUuid from this file, connect to MySQL database of Parallels Automation for Web Presence and search if there is a site with such UID:

SELECT * FROM site WHERE uuid = "UUID"

If the site with such UUID does not exist in database, most likely it was removed or was never created. Check Finished/Cancelled/Deleted tasks for the issuing instance of Web Presence builder. If all tasks were processed, check history of changes for this site:

# grep UUID htdocs/tmp/sitebuilder.log    

If there is an entry such as the following, the site was removed. Please check what tasks were executed in OA to find which one removed the site.

2014-02-18T11:49:08+01:00       [INFO]  [System] /api/5.0/site/61ff5a8e-8a6c-a214-7602-106d43e3169e Deleting site with uuid "61ff5a8e-8a6c-a214-7602-106d43e3169e" Zend_Http_Client


  1. If config.php is empty - follow appropriate KB article to restore it.

  2. If site was removed and end user has snapshot then:

    1. From POA customer control panel remove Web Presence builder from the domain. Task "Configure site application" generated by this action will most likely fail because site does not exist in WPB. It can be canceled.

    2. Enable Web Presence builder for the domain, which will create a new site.

    3. Open WPB editor and restore the snapshot.

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