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Trying to start drwebd service on DrWeb daemon server gives an error like below:

Loading /var/drweb/bases/dwn43305.vdb - Ok, virus records: 752
Loading /var/drweb/bases/dwn43304.vdb - Ok, virus records: 793
Loading /var/drweb/bases/dwn43303.vdb - Ok, virus records: 766
Loading /var/drweb/bases/dwn43302.vdb - Ok, virus records: 850
Loading /var/drweb/bases/dwn43301.vdb - Ok, virus records: 772
Loading /var/drweb/bases/drwnasty.vdb - Ok, virus records: 4867
Total virus records: 702697
Key file: /opt/drweb/drweb32.key - License key file error!
A path to a valid license key file was not specified.

In strace of the process you can see something like below:

27790 send(3, "<25>May  7 13:42:19 drwebd.real: Total virus records: 5691941\n", 62, MSG_NOSIGNAL) = 62
27790 open("/opt/drweb/drweb32.key", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 4
27790 read(4, "; DrWeb32 v4.16+ Key File\n; Do not edit!\n\n; \37", 45) = 45 <===== here it only reads the first couple of strings, but it should read the whole file.
27790 close(4)   


License key file is corrupted and drweb cannot read from it.


Reupload the DrWeb license key as described in KB#112230

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