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Article ID: 126872, created on Sep 11, 2015, last review on Sep 11, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


An APS2.0 package is installed in OA environment, when saving its instance's settings, 401 prompt is shown, with a PUT verb request failing, according to console.

Branded provider control panel currently in use is hosted on Windows server.


The brand was created before Hotfix for OA 5.5 [122036][/122036] was implemented, thus the verbs translation is not set in IIS.


  1. Locate the brand you are using in Services > Web hosting > Domains, note the webspace and the node,
  2. Access the node with the brand, enter IIS manager,
  3. Locate a website without root word in name, but based off webspace obtained on step 1.
  4. Go to Handler Mappings, locate SWRewrite-swrewrite_proxy,
  5. Edit the handlers' settings by appending ,PUT,DELETE to the list of allowed verbs.
  6. After all needed brands had been edited, restart IIS via iisreset

Script (run in powershell as administrator)

foreach ($brnd_site in Get-Website | where {$_.Name -like '* - domain*'}) {
    Write-host $brnd_site.Name

    Get-Webconfiguration system.webServer/handlers/* 'IIS:\Sites' -Recurse -location $brnd_site.Name | where {($_.Name -eq 'SWRewrite-swrewrite_proxy') -and !(($_.Verb -like '*PUT*') -or ($_.Verb -like '*DELETE*'))} | fl


May be used for locating websites that do not have these verbs configured.

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