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Article ID: 126738, created on Aug 30, 2015, last review on Aug 30, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5


The following error is shown when attempting to migrate parked domains using the script described in

Failed with error :
2014-07-21 14:47:35.534 ERROR Cannot migrate parked domains to web cluster/server 'pemlinng001.domain.tdl'(2898) until at least one was provisioned
Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./", line 1139, in ?
    File "./", line 1106, in main
        migration.migrateSubscriptions(subs, cluster, migrationConfig)
    File "./", line 242, in migrateSubscriptions
        self.migrateSubscriptionsDBData(con, toHost, subs, False)
    File "./", line 859, in migrateSubscriptionsDBData
        subs.migrateDBData(con, cur, toHost, revert)
      File "/root/migration/poa-lshng-migration-5.5-28/migration/", line 1692, in migrateDBData
        webspaceset.migrateDBData(con, cur, toHost, revert)
    File "/root/migration/poa-lshng-migration-5.5-28/migration/", line 779, in migrateDBData
        self.migrateDomainParkingDBData(cur, host, revert)
    File "/root/migration/poa-lshng-migration-5.5-28/migration/", line 798, in            migrateDomainParkingDBData
        dest_service_id = toHost.getServiceID("domain_parking")
    File "/root/migration/poa-lshng-migration-5.5-28/migration/", line 592, in getServiceID
        return Host.getServiceID(self, serviceType, cursor)
    File "/root/migration/poa-lshng-migration-5.5-28/migration/", line 113, in getServiceID
        raise MigrationError("Cannot migrate parked domains to %s until at least one was provisioned" % self)


As the error states, there should be some parked domains provisioned to the destination NG host before migrating domains. The issue has been confirmed as a bug POA-86822.


The behavior will be changed in future versions of Operations Automation in scope of the bug POA-86822. For now please provision at least one subscription with a parked domain to the destination NG server/cluster before using script.

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