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Article ID: 126576, created on Aug 17, 2015, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


A Virtuozzo node is listed as Unavailable in GUI of OBAS.

Possible causes

Network connectivity issues

OBAS communicates with Virtuozzo nodes via XML API.

  1. In VZA26 mode it connects to the port 22 over SSH connections.

    Ensure that the connection can be done without specifying a password logging as user apache.

    ~# su -s /bin/bash apache
    ~# ssh vzagent@ hostname

    No error or prompt should be returned, the normal output should be the host name of the remote server.

  2. In VZAgent 4.6 mode the SSL connection is established to the port 4434.

    Resolve network communications issues (routing, firewall) and ensure thaat connection is possible as described in the Knowledge Base article.

Permissions on sockets

The problem report related to the failed task contains the following lines:

[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [DEBUG] [24155] [HSPC::VZAgent::vza_do_connect] Trying to create connection for node 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [DEBUG] [24155] [HSPC::VZAgent::VZA25::Transport::connect_local] Using local connect 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [WARN] [24155] [HSPC::VZAgent::Common::error] VZA error occurs: can't connect to local socket: Permission denied 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [WARN] [24155] [HSPC::VZAgent::vza_do_connect] [VZI/Common]: Can't connect with Node [27]: can't connect to local socket: Permission denied 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [WARN] [24155] [HSPC::VZAgent::vza_do_connect] [VZI/Common]: Can't connect with Node: can't connect to local socket: Permission denied 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [DEBUG] [24155] [HSPC::ErrorStack::set_last_error] [ErrorStack]: 65583 Hardware node is not accessible. 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [DEBUG] [24155] [HSPC::Action::call_by_hw_obj] [VZI/Action]: Call HSPC::Action::VZAgent::get_hw_lic_info Node #10() RETURNED:[] 
[2015/06/08 03:13:05] [WARN] [24155] [HSPC::MT::OM::update_hw_licenses] Cannot get license info for HN # 10 

Incorrect permissions on the corresponding socket file or a directory.

~# ls -ld /etc/hspc/hn /etc/hspc/hn/
drwxr-x--- 2 root   apache 4096 Jun  8 09:23 /etc/hspc/hn
srw------- 1 root   apache    0 Jun  7 13:45

The directory and the sockets should be accessible and writable by the user apache, as the majority of OBAS services are configured to start using this account.


Change ownership:

~# chown -R apache.apache /etc/hspc/hn
~# chmod -R u+rw /etc/hspc/hn

After correcting permissions, restart core services - taskman, vzcoll, hspcd.

Outdated openssl package.

It is possible to connect and submit XML API packets manually to pvaagent service, but the Perl script from this article does not work.

~# rpm -qa | grep openssl


Update the package and restart services:

~# yum update openssl
~# rpm -qa openssl
~# service hspcd restart
~# service taskmand restart
~# service vzcoll restart

Lack of diskspace in root / partition on the Virtuozzo node

OBAS log /var/log/hspc/hspc.log contains the following:

[2015/07/31 18:33:34] [WARN] [8925] [HSPC::VZAgent::Common::error] VZA error occurs: System errors : Cannot authenticate the user due to a system error: couldn't create client upload directory : couldn't create client upload directory :couldn't create client upload directory : couldn't create...

On the Virtuozzo node:

# df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1              24G   24G     0 100% /  <--- root partition is full ---
tmpfs                  48G  1.2M   48G   1% /dev/shm
/dev/sdb1             2.0G  133M  1.7G   8% /boot


Please free some diskspace in root / partition on the Virtuozzo node.

PVA Agent on the Virtuozzo node has reached user_session_limit


Follow instructions from the article Virtuozzo node becomes Unavailable regularly

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