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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


In the store the following message is displayed in many places

looks like we got no XML document

The same message is loggged in /var/log/hspc/store.log:

[23-Sep-2014 15:19:43] [ERROR] [2971] [] [Entity::Transport::call, line 106] API error in call(validate_domain_data): looks like we got no XML document
[23-Sep-2014 15:19:43] [INFO] [2971] [] [hspc_functions.php::handle_soap_error, line 1184] FaultCode => <Client>
[23-Sep-2014 15:19:43] [INFO] [2971] [] [hspc_functions.php::handle_soap_error, line 1185] FaultString => looks like we got no XML document
[23-Sep-2014 15:19:43] [INFO] [2971] [] [hspc_functions.php::handle_soap_error, line 1199] No callback found!
[23-Sep-2014 15:19:43] [ERROR] [2971] [] [Entity::Error::add, line 83] called from "hspc_functions.php::handle_soap_error, line 1204", class="internal_error", message="looks like we got no XML document"
[23-Sep-2014 15:19:43] [INFO] [2967] [] [Entity::StoreController::updateShoppingCartAction, line 1213] plan_id => 81, group_id => _plans_81, os_tmpl => undefined, period => 2592000, platform => undefined


The perl-SOAP-Lite package was manually upgraded on the OBAS server.


Install the perl-SOAP-Lite package from the OBAS distribution of the OBAS version you use. In the example below OBAS version is 4.5.2-21.

[root@server]# cd /root/pbas-4.5.2-21/packages/
[root@server packages]# ls |grep perl-SOAP
[root@server packages]# rpm -Uvh --force perl-SOAP-Lite-0.69-2.noarch.rpm 

Please note that OS updates on OBAS server should only be performed as described in "How to update the OS (minor) of a OBAS server"

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