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  • Operations Automation

Release Notes

Full release notes for Operations Automation version 6.0.5 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Support of MS SQL Server 2014 for Windows Shared Hosting
  • Support of PHP 5.6.11 for Windows Shared Hosting
  • Changing Order of Tabs for APS Applications in CCP and MyCP
  • Configuring One-Time Passwords
  • Disallowing Manual Password Creation
  • Downselling VPS Resources
  • Support for Single Item Recovery in Exchange 2010 and 2013
  • Using Web-Analytics Tools
  • API: pem.setMemberPassword
  • API: pem.apache.syncHtAccess
  • API: Support of Composite Resources in "upsell" API in 6.0.x

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-94558 Lack of autodiscover_cluster_id index on exch_domain_services causes slow screens in panel.

  • POA-93766 User can rename "own" Public Folder from Outlook Web Access and thus make this folder unmanageable in Operations Automation.

  • POA-93023 Incorrect name of function in ProviderUtils.psm1 and ProtectMailboxCalendarFolder.ps1 led to failure of Protect Calendar folder for mailbox task.

  • POA-90223 mbx_store_service_id was wrongly set to 2010 mbx service during Organization upgrade to 2013.

Linux Mail Hosting

  • POA-93631 qmail: Throttling limits are not applied.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-93697 Operations Automation allows removing database before its creation.

  • POA-88621 Incorrect URL format for IPv6 on Log Manager screen.

  • POA-86454 Switch director fails if there are many webspaces on cluster: 'task failure dump logparser (unhandled c++ exception in server side; unspecified errno)'.

Application Packaging Standard

  • APS-25775 Cannot remove subscription with SpamExperts and Exchange - Resource for record NNN is not found.

  • APS-25259 Incorrect domain name in path to application content.

  • APS-25169 doProvideResources capability is not called upon pem.upgradeSubscription API call with custom_ resource_limits.

  • APS-25094 It is impossible to remove account: APS resource for '/aps/2/application/subscriptions/23bfca65-62cf-4013-8ed4-50dc2932121c' with id '263' was NOT deleted. Error code: 500.

  • APS-23364 Support 'help' messages at APS custom UI screens.

  • APS-23363 SSO is not working after upgrade 5.5 -> 6.0.

  • APS-22379 APSFiddle: input of brackets does not work when using German keyboard layout.

  • APS-22370 In 'upgrade' method handler collection of root resource does not load old links.

  • APS-22366 APS 1.2 application is not reconfigured when new 'Application Counter' resource type is added.

  • APS-22346 Record is not removed from aps_service_instances table when resource is cleaned up upon removal of its last relation.

  • APS-22016 Upgrade action is required to fix sub-domains affected by POA-92638.

  • APS-21946 APS2 is not functional if there are empty uuids in aps_packages table (MS SQL 2014).

  • APS-21924 APS resource for subscription is created too late or not created at all.

  • APS-21920 The list of available OSes shown in Online Store does not correspond to the OSes specified in the Service Plan.

  • APS-21918 Fatal error after opening link to MS portal in CCP and then clicking "Show password".

  • APS-21878 Lync instance upgrade from 4.6-244 to 4.7-267 fails: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "IX_aps_property_value_resource_id_prop_id_order_num".

  • APS-21877 pem.APS.provideServiceInstance throws wrong error when Resource Limit is exceeded.

  • APS-21460 View labels in APS UI that contain variables are not translated.

  • APS-20055 APSC/SAAS hangs while executing task "APS application 'Microsoft Office 365', id 104, instance 9 -> service 'customer', instance 81: executing configuration script" (single subscription provisioning!).

  • APS-19404 Self-XSS in Customer CP.

  • APS-19258 Operations Automation does not send "license installation completed" callback to Business Automation when buying subscription.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-11276 The "No resource corresponds to APS resource..." error occurs on the attempt to create the Service Template using the wizard.

  • CCU-11204 The button "Manage Parallel Plesk" should be renamed to "Manage Plesk".

  • CCU-11192 It is not possible to re-run the failed task when the problem has been fixed: there is not enough disk space.

  • CCU-11141 VPS CCP RU Localization issue. Cancel button.

  • CCU-11132 Wrong number of available IP addresses displayed in Customer CP when creating new OACI server.

  • CCU-11026 OACI VE can be attached to disabled staff member, and notification will be sent to disabled user.

  • CCU-11012 VPS Customer CP RU notifications localization issue.

  • CCU-10994 Cannot add backup space for OACI VPS from Customer CP; Upsell does not take bspace.

  • CCU-10975 Survivability of IM on dispatcher failures.

  • CCU-10952 VE is not recovered at another node in case of HA failover cluster.

  • CCU-10928 Information regarding the Virtuozzo license on backup\image nodes should be clarified.

  • CCU-10918 OACI VPS UI in Customer CP is not fully translated, even i18n contains its translation.

  • CCU-10868 IP address is not reserved in VPS NG.

  • CCU-10859 Localization and currency issue in Online Store for OACI VPS Service Plan.

  • CCU-10655 OACI container fails to migrate using button "Offload" with error of inactive application template.

  • CCU-9874 Traffic jumps by two times on traffic event "id mix".


  • POA-94612 Incorrect version of installed Service Automation is displayed in Provider CP.

  • POA-94542 6.0.5: Staff member with privilege 'All Users' set to 'Disabled' can see list of sessions.

  • POA-94519 Add description of new OpenAPI method SyncHtAccess.

  • POA-94456 VPS provisioning failed on updating DNS records with external NS.

  • POA-94437 Missing minor version pre-check for RHEL 5 when upgrading Operations Automation from version 5.5 to 6.0.

  • POA-94425 Services tabs amount customization is not applied in 6.0.

  • POA-94308 Failed task "Install other-parallels-plesk-cloud (pkg_id = 6623) to management node".

  • POA-94304 Description of "CCP Layout" tab should be updated.

  • POA-94303 Access to and repos for OACI, Virtuozzo servers is not specified in Firewall Configuration Guide.

  • POA-94302 VNC ports are not mentioned for OACI, Virtuozzo servers in Firewall Configuration Guide.

  • POA-94083 'Task Log' screen makes Control Panel unavailable.

  • POA-94025 Add information about long-running tasks in "Task Manager".

  • POA-92859 Description of Server Name Indication (SNI) verification procedure.

  • POA-92662 Description of hosting_type field of pem.addSubdomain method should be corrected.

  • POA-92631 Updater inside VPS breaks PAU.

  • POA-92505 RHEL load balancer repo should be noted as required for RHEL6 for LB host.

  • POA-92162 Problem in Operations Automation and Business Automation UI with RTL language (Arabic).

  • POA-91913 Incomplete instructions in "Creating Application Instance" chapter of Application Hosting Deployment Guide.

  • POA-91807 Linux Mail Hosting "How-to" Whitelist/blacklist.

  • POA-91532 Slave nodes update scheduling works incorrectly.

  • POA-91413 Description of domain subscription migration in Migration Manager Guide should be updated.

  • POA-91263 Proxy specified in --repo-proxy-url was not added to pa-central.repo on service nodes.

  • POA-90881 Activation parameters are missing in pem.setResourceTypeLimits description in Operations Automation Public API Reference Guide.

  • POA-88151 Add information about Zend Guard Loader to Windows Shared Hosting Deployment Guides.

  • POA-87199 Description of /usr/local/frontpage/ directory in Disaster Recovery Guide should be corrected.

  • POA-86390 Backup behaviour on website backup removal.

  • POA-85754 VPS Hosting support of Virtuozzo in VPS Hosting Deployment Guide.

  • POA-83586 AD sync task fails for users that have passwords weaker than new Operations Automation password policy.

  • CCU-11105 Mention in documentation that on OACI (IM, DB) nodes customer should not run 'yum update' manually.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.

See also: Operations Automation 6.0 Updates.

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