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Article ID: 126433, created on Aug 4, 2015, last review on Jan 2, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Problem description : We have a problem with control panel WACP functions. It seems that Apache related fuctions doesn't work. You can reproduce the problem with the following way:

Under Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Containers > Container name > Login to CP > Site > Website Files and Scripts > Manage Protection > New Web User when some username and password are entered the following error appears:

[2015/01/21 09:49:05] [WARN] [9664] [HSPC::VZAgent::Common::error] VZA error occurs: Target httpc is not found.
[2015/01/21 09:49:05] [WARN] [9664] [HSPC::CP::Website::FM::fix_user] Protection management failed: Couldn't add protection. Target httpc is not found.

Another possible symptom is inability to manage Mailboxes: CP > System > Mailboxes > Technical Problem, and the following is seen in the corresponding problem report:

[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [INFO] [7506] [HSPC::MT::VESrv::find_srv_obj] Service initeds
[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [INFO] [7506] [HSPC::MT::VESrv::FM::stat] Getting stats
[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [INFO] [7506] [HSPC::VZAgent::VZA46::FMGate::_send_packet] Sending command 'stat' to VZA.
[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [INFO] [7506] [HSPC::VZAgent::VZA46::FMGate::_send_packet] Packet sent
[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [INFO] [7506] [HSPC::MT::VESrv::FM::_check_error] VZA Gate calling error #0: XML node not present 'filer'
[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [DEBUG] [7506] [HSPC::MT::VESrv::Mail::mailbox_sizes] FM stat failed: VZA Error: XML node not present 'filer'
[2016/01/01 20:30:07] [ERROR] [7506] [HSPC::CP::redirect_problem] Failed to get mailbox sizes! 


WACP is obsolete since Virtuozzo 4.0.


Please consider using Plesk instead.

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