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A customer has a website with dedicated IP address on source server and wants it to be shared after the migration.

Service template dooes not have IP address resource; The customer does not want to provide dedicated IP addresses for customers with this service template.


PPA migration tool cannot transfer sites with dedicated IP address to shared IP address directly.


There are two ways:

  • Change IP address type to shared on the source server before the migration;

  • Migrate the domain to a dedicated IP address and then change it to shared IP address.

Dedicated IP addresses pool should be created in PPA and assigned to the corresponding service node before migration.

There is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Do not change service template (IP address resource is "0");

  2. Prepare migration-list file (add a subscription and assign corresponding service plan);

  3. Run

    # ppa-transfer check config.ini
  4. Start the transfer:

    # ppa-transfer transfer-accounts config.ini
  5. After migration fails with the error "Resource 'IP addresses' overusage attempt" go to PPA control panel ➞ IP Addresses ➞ Static Websites ➞ Accounts ➞ Assign IP pool ➞ choose acustomer ➞ press "Assign" button;

  6. Go to Subscriptions ➞ <subscription_name> ➞ Resources ➞ Edit ➞ set "IP address" resource "1" (or more if it is needed) ➞ press "Submit" button;

  7. Start the transfer:

    # ppa-transfer transfer-accounts config.ini
  8. After migration successfully ends go to PPA control panel ➞ Websites ➞ press "Open in control panel" for the corresponding website ➞ Webspaces ➞ press on ➞ change "Dedicated IP" to "Shared IP" and press "Submit" button;

  9. Go to PPA control panel ➞ IP Addresses ➞ Static Websites ➞ Accounts ➞ choose customer ➞ press "Revoke IP pool" button.

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