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Article ID: 125708, created on Jun 2, 2015, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Business Automation version 6.0.4 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Parallels Service Provider Business is now Odin
  • Adoption of OACI VPS Model to European Taxation Rules 2015
  • Promotions and Discounts by One-Time Promo Codes
  • Support of Italian Locale

Fixed Issues

Public API

  • PBA-63078 "Billing API is not available." error on home screen in Customer Control Panel.

Account and Plans Configuration

  • PBA-62980 Deadlock during cancellation order placement.


  • PBA-63074 Online store incorrectly creates zero payments for redirect payment methods.
  • PBA-61763 Wrong privilege required for payments import.


  • PBA-63075 Cancellation order for restored subscription might fail with "Concurrent Billing Order has been processed, please cancel current order.".
  • PBA-62854 6.0.4: Sales order is stuck in "Long Running Operation" instead of "Completed" status.
  • PBA-62749 "Add New Subscription Period" button is not shown for Operations Automation service plans.
  • PBA-62248 Transfer of subscription between accounts does not change owner on Business Automation side.
  • PBA-38104 Need to prohibit to assign Tax Zone from Provider to Customers of Resellers.
  • PBA-36001 "Cancel order" button in CCP does not cancel orders, but archives them.

Control Panel

  • PBA-62789 HTML encoded characters are shown in some fields in Provider Control Panel.
  • PBA-37754 Cancel Payment in CCP leads to error.


  • PBA-63228 Plugin KA test connection fails: "Message:Client not found., Details:Search criteria: login = "XXXXXX".
  • PBA-63081 KA features are not replaced on Business Automation side in case of license upgrade. OA Integration
  • PBA-37371 Provisioning item removal may cause discrepancy in Operations Automation and Business Automation.


  • PBA-63648 Database Initialization in Business Automation SDK.
  • PBA-62429 Remove line breaks in PlaceResourceUpgradeOrder_API examples.
  • PBA-61792 Description of Auto-Renewal enabling from CCP should be updated.
  • PBA-61604 DomainSubscrAdd_API description is not correct.
  • PBA-61549 Correct usage of XXX prefix in API.
  • PBA-60806 Missing bracket in hiding payment method instructions.
  • PBA-60700 Incorrect description for "Overdue Notification Interval (Days)" parameter.
  • PBA-60699 No description for negative_balance_date in Credit Term configuration.
  • PBA-60497 Explanation to replace special characters when generating signature for OrderStatusChange_API.
  • PBA-59301 Mention parameters of containers created during Virtuozzo containers migration.
  • PBA-59295 Need to correct link to migration installer in Business Automation documentation.
  • PBA-58284 Requirement for Business Automation SDK.
  • PBA-57019 Verisign plug-in does not send currency code.
  • PBA-53326 SubscriptionDetailsGetEx_API description misses 2 new fields.
  • PBA-53166 Null value is returned as 3.4028234663852886e+38.
  • PBA-50320 "Duration" column description in CreateManualOrder_API should be updated.

Online Store

  • PBA-63052 "Choose Operating System" block is presented on "Choose Virtual Server" screen in Online Store.
  • PBA-62977 ODBC error may appear in the Online store during order placement after switching from "New customer" to "Existing customer".


  • PBA-63215 Statement timeout in the database sometimes does not work.
  • PBA-62328 500 Internal server error is displayed during Account search.


  • PBA-63060 1C export for provider is done twice.
  • PBA-63036 Detail_PlanID placeholder does not work for One-time Fee service plans.
  • PBA-62246 Notification templates and unicode support - Not escaped #.
  • PBA-60211 CheckForAvailableHF does not have timeout.

Installation Instructions

New Installations:

Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Deployment Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Deployment Guide


Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Upgrade Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Upgrade Guide

Installation Files


It is installed from Operations Automation UI as the server role. For details, see the documentation in "Installation Instructions" above).


Business Automation Application (SHA1: 3241380d0379a9bc289ec600f211c9b9f71aaa6c)

Business Automation Online Store (SHA1: 6c113d54f5c55a71d4f9adec44857dc59cfb4bcb)


  1. After upgrade to Service Automation 6.0.4 (both Operations Automation and Business Automation parts), the additional configuration is required.
  2. When update Odin Service Automation to the 6.0.4 version, make sure that both parts (Operations Automation and Business Automation) are updated to the 6.0.4 version.

See also: Business Automation 6.0 Updates.

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