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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Operations Automation version 6.0.4 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Parallels Service Provider Business is Now Odin
  • Exchange 2013-Limits for Public Folder Provisioning in Operations Automation
  • Plesk in VPS (see the VPS Hosting section of Operations Automation 6.0.3 Release Notes)
  • Exchange Server 2007 Upcoming End of Life

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-90119 Unable to create resource mailbox: "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.".

Customer Directory Integration

  • POA-87241 AD Sync: Not possible to enable/disable Contacts Synchronization or Passwords Synchronization.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-93407 Incorrect apache_certificates path after webspace migration.
  • POA-92242 User session timeout (minutes) in System Properties not translated as seconds to LVS.
  • POA-92121 access_log contains requests to others domains.
  • POA-91548 The database inconsistency is existing after applying of "LFA service is not removed during webspace removing" fix.
  • POA-85855 Not possible to manage user quotas for legacy shared hosting webspaces in Operations Automation.
  • POA-83278 proftpd configuration file is replaced by default during Operations Automation update.
  • POA-40833 Task fails if customer's disk quota is exceeded.

VPS Hosting

  • POA-92222 If customer configures VPS backup to be run weekly, then first backup would be created one week after backup task is configured.

Application Packaging Standard

  • POA-92980 Cannot remove service user because of unforeseen error.
  • POA-89848 Unable to remove domain from SpamExperts if substituted MX record was deleted beforehand.
  • APS-21892 "Internal error: Failed to create APS link" is thrown when adding physical hosting if there is no DNS resource in subscription.
  • APS-21249 Query string parameters are missed for entry points with GET method.
  • APS-21109 Incorrect aps2 propagation prevents subscription upgrade.
  • APS-21000 APS does not allow removing manually created database if it is named asdb<num>_sa<num>.
  • APS-20997 'Transaction is required' error in 'Synchronize resource usage' task when usage collection for one subscription takes more than 5 min.
  • APS-20945 Endless DB lock, no timeout on transaction.
  • APS-20853 Removing Subscription fails with "Instance of application service with id does not exist".
  • APS-19383 Incorrect measure type of 'per hour' resources.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • POA-92777 Decimal point for currency in OACI cannot be replaced by comma.
  • POA-91162 Hardcoded entry "Image of server-xxxx".
  • POA-89310 It is not required to have metadata servers on BackNet.
  • CCU-10834 Not possible to create HTTP LoadBalancer if CentOS containers are disabled in RT of class "CI Virtual Environments".
  • CCU-10788 Need to improve naming of OS templates in Virtual Server Template.
  • CCU-10541 pacihnfail user is not authorized in API from Virtuozzo nodes.
  • CCU-10499 Autoscale rules does not work in recovered VE in HA cluster.
  • CCU-10483 Cannot create windows VM if template was created using SysPrep utility.
  • CCU-10473 IM is dead after update.
  • CCU-10443 Error message: "None of the available operating system templates can be used with the current configuration." is shown two times.
  • CCU-10326 Phrase "Created from image [...]" is hardcoded in OACI.


  • POA-93695 Need to update online documentation about location ofADSyncWebServicex64.exe.
  • POA-93085 Reseller to Provider privilege escalation issue
  • POA-92892 Non-standard value for number of Task Manager runners can make system unresponsive.
  • POA-92704 Additional information for KAGATE port.
  • POA-92594 Link to change password is not correct if access point for brand has suffix.
  • POA-92587 In deployment guides, should be mentioned that all CP packages are installed automatically on NG web server/cluster.
  • POA-92580 Unable to add TXT record for domain.
  • POA-92549 Rollback request was not sent to Business Automation after transaction timeout in Operations Automation.
  • POA-92279 pem.addSubdomain: provide_hosting=0 argument does not work.
  • POA-92107 Bind fails to start after adding of Russian hostname to PTR record in Operations Automation.
  • POA-92098 pau loses DB connection after throwing ExSystem exception.
  • POA-92068 Inactive DNS record remains in dns_resource_records table after removal.
  • POA-91911 Staff member with privilege 'All Users' set to 'Disabled' can see list of users.
  • POA-91885 User with only 'Own CP Access' privilege in Operations Automation can perform unauthorized actions.
  • POA-91835 poaupdater.rpm and poa-core.rpm are not upgraded during installation of update with hotfixes.
  • POA-91800 White and Black Lists supports through only SpamAssassin Application.
  • POA-91718 In Skin customization guide, incorrect description for Billing.
  • POA-91699 Headings section was not described in documentation.
  • POA-91499 Hardcoded in
  • POA-91366 Parameters used for installation Exchange2010OAB package described in documentation are different with real ones.
  • POA-91209 Password policy management is broken on WinMN.
  • POA-91113 Location of ADSyncWebServicex64.exe is changed, but in documentation there is still an old path.
  • POA-91087 Incomplete instructions in Windows Infrastructure Deployment Guide.
  • POA-90050 Unforeseen error on Customers Notifications screen.
  • POA-88825 API method pem.getUserFullInfo does not return info for all users.
  • POA-87906 Field with checkbox is not rendered correctly in Chrome, Safari, IE.
  • POA-87825 Not possible to add Staff Members with enabled option.
  • POA-87487 Requirement for NETBIOS name to match computer name must be added for registering Windows nodes.
  • POA-87243 No info about required packages on fresh UI node.
  • POA-86892 Ports 49152-65534 are not needed anymore.
  • POA-83255 Logic error: attempt to fetch query attribute 'login_time' when login history count set to 1.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.


  1. After upgrade to Odin Service Automation 6.0.4 (both Service Automation and Business Automation parts), the additional configuration is required.
  2. When update Odin Service Automation to the 6.0.4 version, make sure that both parts (Operations Automation and Business Automation) are updated to the 6.0.4 version.

See also: Operations Automation 6.0 Updates.

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