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Exchange 2007 service is not supported beginning from Odin Automation Premium 7.0 and it will be removed during the upgrade to Odin Automation 7.0.

In order to prepare for upgrade to Odin Automation Premium 7.0, one needs to perform the following steps:

  1. Migrate all Exchange 2007 subsciptions to Exchange 2010/2013. If you only plan the migration, refer to Exchange 2007/2010 to Exchange 2013 Transition section and migrate to Exchange 2013. If you are in the process of migration to Exchange 2010, just finish it. In case there are Exchange 2007 subscriptions in the system, the upgrade procedure to Odin Automation Premium 7.0 will abort and will not be finished.
  2. Unprovide all 'Exchange 2007' resources using any appropriate way: set the resource limit to zero in all subscriptions directly, change the corresponding Service Plans in Billing and apply these changes to OA or by migrating to other plans without the resource.
  3. Wait until all unprovisioning tasks are processed.
  4. Upload to OA Management Node and execute the preparation script attached to the current article:

    # python
  5. Resource Types/Service Templates activation parameter ‘Exchange version’ must be 2010 or greater.
  6. Remove the following packages from host(s): Exchange2007Autodiscover (service), Exchange2007IMAP4 (service), Exchange2007Mailstore (service), Exchange2007OAB (service), Exchange2007POP3 (service), Exchange2007Protocols (service), Exchange2007SMTP (service), Exchange2007SMTPAuth (service), Exchange2007UM (service).
  7. Unregister the node(s) from OSA, if necessary.

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