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Article ID: 125263, created on Apr 22, 2015, last review on Apr 28, 2015


PBA-62766 If the setting 'Create TopUp for Customer's order amount' is set and the Resellers available balance is not zero, the Top Up is created to cover the whole order but it should be less on the Available Balance

Installation instructions


  1. Go to Home > System > Information > Hotfixes.
  2. Click on hotfix "PBA 6.0.3 HOTFIX 125263 Reseller TopUp "
  3. Click "Install"


  1. Login to PBA application server
  2. Open command prompt
  3. Execute the following commands:
  4. cd "$PBA_ROOT"
  5. perl\bin\perl.exe tools\ install

Note: $PBA_ROOT should be replaced with path to PBA installation directory, for example C:\Parallels\PBA

Additional information

  1. The hotfix requires PBA 6.0.3-081 version to be installed.
  2. PBA services will be restarted automatically during hotfix's installation.

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