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While removing the QMail node from POA the task 'cleanup packages on host' with the following error:

The Qmail service #ID is in use by customer services


Task was scheduled for removal of the host which has customer services provisoned. Such behavior is considered to be a software issue with ID POA-85298, POA should not allow to remove QMail host in case if it has customer's services provisioned.


If the host needs to be removed it is needed to unprovide customer's services from host. Please follow the steps below in order to obtain list of subscriptions provisioned to host which will be deleted:

  1. Get list of QMail configurations and QMail hosts they are associated with:

    plesk=> SELECT config_id,cluster_id,operation_host_id,hostname,role from cqmail_configurations ORDER BY config_id;
     config_id | cluster_id | operation_host_id |          hostname          | role
             1 |          1 |                57 |          | m
             2 |            |              2285 |        | m
             3 |            |              2286 |        | m
             8 |            |              2859 |        | m
            12 |            |              2860 |        | m
  2. For example, it is needed to remove host Get list of subscriptions provsioned to required host using the config_id obtained in step 1 by the following query (in our case config_id is 12):

    SELECT  subscription_id from cqmail_hostings where config_id = 12 OR incoming_config_id = 12 OR outgoing_config_id = 12;

Provider can either destroy these subscriptions or, in case if subscription cannot be destroyed because it has Apache/IIS/APS services provisioned, unprovide Qmail hosting from particular subscription.

In order to unprovide Qmail hosting from particular subscription:

  1. Open required subscription in Provider's Control Panel;
  2. Go to Resources and click Edit;
  3. Set limit for QMail hosting resource to 0, click Submit and confirm resource unprovisioning.

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