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Article ID: 125056, created on Mar 30, 2015, last review on Mar 30, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


A sitebuilder site can not be added. Site provisioning task #12345 is in "Failed" status.


A user with the name OBAS is trying to provision exists already on the Sitebuilder node.


  1. Check Task Manager log taskman.log to find the Problem Report:

    less /var/log/taskman.log | grep 12345
    [2015/03/29 14:04:49] [INFO] [2095] [HSPC::Taskman::call_task] ===> Executing task #12345 [HSPC::MT::SB::Processor->prepare_site] [undef]
    [2015/03/29 14:04:49] [WARN] [2095] [HSPC::Taskman::call_task] <=== Task #12345 failed remotely: #p2015-03-29_14-04-49.1 [undef]
  2. Use Problem Viewer under Top > Configuration Director > Logging and Errors > Problem Viewer to see the report located. Find the error record

    [2015/03/29 17:10:13] [DEBUG] [12290] [HSPC::MT::SB::SBGate3::_getter] [SiteBuilder] SOAP FAULT: SOAP fault; ERROR_ACTION_FAILED; Action has been failed. Such User name already exists. Please enter another value.; $VAR1 = 'Such User name already exists. Please enter another value.';

    and locate a username that OBAS is passing to Sitebuilder:

    [HSPC::MT::SB::SBGate3::_exec_request] [SiteBuilder] method=CreateAccountFull,...<username xsi:type="xsd:string">hspc_acc_123_subscr_345</username>

    where 123 is the account number and 345 is the subscription number.

  3. Log in to the Sitebuilder node in question, find the User "hspc_acc_123_subscr_345", verify that it does not own any real sites and delete the user. After that, re-run the task in PBAS.

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