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It is not possible to renew the domain from CCP when the subscription status is graced.


Graced subscription status means that an expiration date has already passed. Most registrars either do not support expired domains renewal or take additional fee for this, that is why option to renew is disabled.


If you want to give the customers ability to renew the domain subscriptions in graced status you may do it with the customization:

  1. Prepare the DOMAINGATE container as described in the documentation, preparing container chapter, use DOMAINGATE instead of <container_name>.

  2. Create a customization file ADomain_ViewDomainCustomerWin.xml with the content:

    <window id="ADomain_ViewDomainCustomerWin">
        <constraint id="renewDisable" ele="renew">
              <disable>SubscriptionStatus "<" "30"</disable>
              <disable>SubscriptionStatus ">" "40"</disable>

    This enables the button for subscriptions in the statuses 30 (Active) and 40 (Graced).

  3. Restart www for changes to apply

    /etc/init.d/www restart

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