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Article ID: 124680, created on Mar 1, 2015, last review on Mar 9, 2016

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  • Operations Automation 6.0


Access to provider's cp is impossible. The log is throwing an error like below:

Feb 12 11:09:26 STG-WINMN : DBG [UI:pre-login:32408:1423760970462 RequestProcessor-160 pau ]: PasswordPolicyManager invocation failed 
Feb 12 11:09:26 STG-WINMN       javax.ejb.EJBException: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet

Or task AddAccountMemberToPEM fails in BA with a similar error.


This is caused by software issue POA-95684. This query returns error:

select passwordpo0_.settings_id as settings1_33_0_, passwordpo1_.policy_id as policy_i1_32_1_, account2_.account_id as account_1_2_2_, passwordpo0_.is_enabled as is_enabl2_33_0_, passwordpo0_.identity_id as identity4_33_0_, passwordpo0_.period_days as period_d3_33_0_, passwordpo0_.policy_id as policy_i5_33_0_, passwordpo1_.account_id as account_4_32_1_, passwordpo1_.is_locked as is_locke2_32_1_, passwordpo1_.policy_scope as policy_s3_32_1_, account2_.address_id as address19_2_2_, account2_.adm_contact_id as adm_con20_2_2_, account2_.ext_system_id as ext_sys21_2_2_, account2_.bill_contact_id as bill_co22_2_2_, account2_.brand_name as brand_na2_2_2_, account2_.company_name as company_3_2_2_, account2_.customers_quantity as customer4_2_2_, account2_.l_country_code_default as l_countr5_2_2_, account2_.l_language_code_default as l_langua6_2_2_, account2_.l_variant_default as l_varian7_2_2_, account2_.ext_account_id as ext_acco8_2_2_, account2_.c_time as c_time9_2_2_, account2_.l_country_code as l_count10_2_2_, account2_.l_language_code as l_langu11_2_2_, account2_.l_variant as l_varia12_2_2_, account2_.is_locked as is_lock13_2_2_, account2_.note as note14_2_2_, account2_.owner_id as owner_i23_2_2_, account2_.path as path15_2_2_, account2_.is_personal as is_pers16_2_2_, account2_.rt_instance_id as rt_inst17_2_2_, account2_.tech_contact_id as tech_co24_2_2_, account2_.account_type as account18_2_2_ from password_expiration_settings passwordpo0_ inner join password_expiration_policy passwordpo1_ on passwordpo0_.policy_id=passwordpo1_.policy_id inner join accounts account2_ on passwordpo1_.account_id=account2_.account_id where account2_.account_id=? and passwordpo1_.policy_scope=? and (passwordpo0_.identity_id is null)

Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'u' to data type int.


The bug POA-95684 will be fixed in future versions of OA. Please contact Odin Support to implement the workaround. Please contact your account manager regarding the status of POA-95684.

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