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Article ID: 124652, created on Feb 27, 2015, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.5.9 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Support of Update Rollup 7 for Exchange 2010 SP3
  • Support for Exchange Server 2013 CU6
  • Support for Exchange Server 2013 CU7
  • Enhanced Calendar Folder Permissions for Exchange 2010/2013 Mailboxes
  • Gradual Deletion of SharePoint Sites is Supported
  • Cumulative Updates for SharePoint Foundation 2010 (Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec 2014) are Supported
  • Support of Underscore Symbol "_" in CNAME Records

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-90518 "Protect Calendar folder for mailbox" task for Exchange 2010 Multi-Tenant fails.
  • POA-88988 "Exchange resource mailbox" capacity number format in CCP.
  • POA-88961 Creation of temporary mailbox fails: object cannot be found on DC.

Linux Mail Hosting

  • POA-88846 WHOSON daemon does not work on x64 platform.

SharePoint Hosting

  • POA-91001 Default language for new SharePoint site is not detected if region-specific UI locales are used.

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-90217 "Uninstall FPSE support for virtual web server" task fails with error: "Specified AD entity not exist (entityId = 0)".
  • POA-88499 Registration of database server breaks "mylittleadmin" configuration.
  • POA-84533 PHP applications cannot upload files when using "IIS7 in ISAPI" mode.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-91118 Websites that use exclusive IPv6 cannot be accessed directly by IPv6.
  • POA-89983 "Dump webspace data to redis" task causes losing some data for webspaces with a big number of hosted domains.
  • POA-89841 "Dump webspace data to redis" task causes losing some data.
  • POA-89472 pem.getWebspacesList returns wrong path for NG webspaces - without mount point ID.
  • POA-89404 Customer can obtain access to Provider's NS settings.
  • POA-89222 Incorrect "apache_certificates" path after webspace migration.
  • POA-89088 "Drop database user xxx ..." task for PostgreSQL databases fails if user database contains objects.
  • POA-88230 Hosted link displays domains of other subscriptions without DNS hosting.
  • POA-86333 Cannot enable SSL support during migration of Brand due to checkbox absence.
  • POA-85180 POA allows removing database before its creation.
  • POA-84264 Task of type "Remove access host <IP1> from database <DB Name> on server on host <IP2>" fails during subscription removal.

VPS Hosting

  • POA-81890 Parallels Plesk Panel-related tasks fail if there is a domain with both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses in Plesk.

Application Packaging Standard

  • POA-90751 Insufficient logging of REST requests execution.
  • POA-90750 One unprocessed request covered by APS2Cache could block similar requests for an undefined amount of time.
  • APS-19693 SaaSManager_impl::onRemoveDNSRecord is slow on domain records of APS 1.x subscriptions.
  • APS-19688 Transaction.cpp contains yield() logic that can loop continually and consume N*100% CPU.
  • APS-19658 Error when trying to install an application: "You cannot install selected application as the current domain does not fulfill its requirements.".
  • APS-19233 "Synchronize Resource Usage" task is very slow if subscription has many counters.
  • APS-19189 "Association with resource '' is not allowed" error during provisioning of APS2 & APS 1.2 subscription for new account.
  • APS-18990 Include latest php runtime in POA 5.5.9.
  • APS-18942 "Application" section is missed on CCP dashboard if usage of first "Application Service Reference" resource reaches its limit.
  • APS-18146 External service password shown in CP source code.
  • APS-17021 "Application" section is missed on CCP dashboard if first resource "Application Service Reference" found in subscription has a zero limit.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-10100 Autoscale allows setting cpu_frequency above limit set in Service Template.
  • CCU-10090 Error when trying to edit VE limits - The amount of resources specified for this server is above the subscription limit.
  • CCU-10076 "Backups and Images" list cannot be filtered by Period.
  • CCU-10066 Incorrect checkout of limit for <public-ip-limit limit="1"/>.
  • CCU-10009 Instance Manager cannot detect mounted status of container.
  • CCU-9907 Memory usage spike from PACI-agent.
  • CCU-9857 Limits for sliders display inapropriate values when no "local" storage types exist in all OS groups.
  • CCU-9747 VeDuplicatesCheckJob misses VE upon checking and incorrectly considers callback as if VE exists on server.
  • CCU-9738 Discrepancy between Instance Manager and vm2vf callback.
  • CCU-9613 Wrong behavior of "Bandwidth limit" control in OS.
  • CCU-9086 POA cannot communicate with Instance Manager from different subnet.
  • CCU-8969 Garbage collector should be changed for Instance Manager.
  • CCU-8855 "Get usage data from PACI Instance Manager" task is not stable.


  • POA-90677 Additional limitation of account-wide service users in POA - user is not displayed on Users tab of Customer Control Panel in some cases - should be documented.
  • POA-90459 Apache NG configuration parameter OptimizeHTAccess shoud be described.
  • POA-90356 Installation of "service-WindowsProvisioningEngine-5.5.168" package fails if user/password authentification is configured for WPE.
  • POA-90279 Reflected XSS in control panel.
  • POA-90218 "Enable/Disable virtual web server" task fails.
  • POA-90215 Verification of customer name's length before submitting a task to create organizational unit.
  • POA-90140 PBA session is not invalidated when user logs out from Provider Control Panel.
  • POA-90056 Custom php.ini is not supported with FastCGI.
  • POA-89580 POA Migration Manager Documentation should be updated.
  • POA-89549 Privilege escalation vulnerability in Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-89335 PowerDNS update task fails with error: Operation with storage caused error: 'Domain not found'.
  • POA-89199 Hosting related tabs disappear after clicking Registered Domains > Manage DNS in Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-89148 Restricted DNS subscription appears when trying to change DNS Hosting.
  • POA-89137 "IP Translation Rules" sub-tab is not available in Provider Control Panel.
  • POA-89092 There is a green alert about unread notification messages on the Home screen of the Customer Control Panel of the reseller's customer, but there are no messages in the list.
  • POA-89044 "Syncing Internal IP Resolver Database with external data source" task failed if Shared SSL is enabled for domain with inactive DNS records.
  • POA-88912 PAgent upgrade fails in Active-Active-Passive clusters.
  • POA-88902 Subscription Migration process freezes in "Migrating" state.
  • POA-88885 Error is displayed when filtering users by status in Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-88855 "Change publishing settings for Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder site" task fails on non-existing resource.
  • POA-88110 java.lang.NullPointerException on Provider CP DNS tab of domain.
  • POA-86922 const method GetAccountCPData_API is called in transactional call.
  • POA-86621 POA Reseller's Guide has info for dropped feature "Staff Members management from POA UI".
  • POA-86526 Long TXT records are incorrectly propagated into Bind configuration.
  • POA-86507 “Support of Temporary Access to Customer Mailbox” doesn’t appear to be in POA Providers Guide 5.5.
  • POA-84812 poa.log file on service node is not rotated.
  • POA-84795 VPS requirements should be added to POA Services Upgrade and Migration Guide.
  • POA-83564 Not all ports required by Windows FileManager are documented in PA Firewall Configuration Guide.
  • POA-83318 PEM agent on Windows cluster nodes is not upgraded during installation of POA 5.5.x updates.
  • POA-82794 Not possible to add physical hosting for subdomain via API.
  • POA-82623 requires yum on remote database host, where yum could not be installed previously.
  • POA-82606 POA migration script does not create redis services on destination POA Management Node.
  • CCU-9407 Some virtual servers were not relocated when the Cloud Infrastructure node failed.


The update can be downloaded here.

Please contact support for its deployment.


You can find full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.


All required system updates can be installed easily through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

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