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Article ID: 124405, created on Feb 6, 2015, last review on Feb 6, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • H-Sphere 3.6.3


Client is not able to login to Horde Web-mail. The login attempt just times out after several minutes.

Attempt for the control panel mail manager also does the same.


The affected mailbox has large amount of mails (about 15 000). Every time when horde tries to login, it performs a lot of query to IMAP server:

    UID SEARCH UNDELETED FROM mail@domain.tld

Due to such amount of mails each request takes about 3-5 seconds to be processed, in total time is longer than PHP timeout.


The only possible solution is to delete "old" mails from mailbox.

To be logged you can use the following workaround:

  1. Move customer's mail folder to another folder:

    mv /hsphere/local/var/vpopmail/domains/C/<domain_name>/<mailbox_name>/Maildir/cur /hsphere/local/var/vpopmail/domains/C/<domain_name>/<mailbox_name>/Maildir/cur.old
  2. Log into mailbox
  3. Move it back

    mv /hsphere/local/var/vpopmail/domains/C/<domain_name>/<mailbox_name>/Maildir/cur.old /hsphere/local/var/vpopmail/domains/C/<domain_name>/<mailbox_name>/Maildir/cur

It allows you to be logged into mailbox and delete unnecessary mails.

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