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Article ID: 124386, created on Feb 4, 2015, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Operations Automation version 6.0.1 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Enhanced Calendar Folder Permissions for Exchange 2010/2013 Mailboxes
  • Windows 2012 (R2) Support for POA Management Node
  • Managing User Photos
  • Per-Vendor Configuration of Identity Providers
  • External Identity Providers as Default for Authentication in PA
  • Upgrade the PostgreSQL Database Used by Parallels Automation to 9.1.14.
  • Minor Changes in Cloud Infrastructure Module

Fixed Issues

  • POA-90540 The API method pem.addDomain forcefully removes the domain within the same account.
  • POA-90284 POA Management Node fails to restart, because the pau service does not start.
  • POA-90244 It is not possible to create any database if Diskspace is overused even if DB uses another Diskspace resource.
  • POA-89548 It is not possible to create a wildcard for A or AAAA DNS record.
  • POA-89523 Instructions on creating and synchronizing PA Central Repository mirror are incorrect
  • POA-89451 The qmail hosting cannot be removed for the subdomain.
  • POA-89331 The "DNS management" resource becomes mandatory when we add a new domain.
  • POA-88966 Wrong Russian Standard Time is shown after timezone has been changed.
  • POA-88957 Precheck tool stops checking the hosts after first error is detected, such as obsolete OS version on a host.
  • POA-88832 It is not possible to create A records for IDN domains.
  • POA-88573 The Search option does not display all the listed mailbox templates in Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-88391 It takes about 30 seconds for the first and the second pages of the Service User Wizard to load.
  • POA-87956 The User session expires before timeout is over.
  • POA-87800 APS 2 resource, added into existing subscription, is not provided.
  • POA-87420 The pem.changeUserPassword API method fails if there are no services attached to a service user.
  • POA-87385 The description of UI node deployment is not clear.
  • POA-86790 Service users with Office 365 cannot be removed due to AD observer.
  • POA-86295 Temporary mailbox creation fails.
  • POA-82525 It is possible to add a new domain if the same A DNS record already exists in POA.
  • POA-79273 The method pem.addDomainRequest does not check the domain owner if the domain is already added in POA and returns the wrong name servers to registrar.
  • APS-19114 "Association with the resource ' ' is not allowed" during provisioning of APS2 & APS 1.2 subscription for new account.
  • APS-18932 Collections and optional variables in navigation are not documented.
  • APS-18666 The WidgetList data is not updated upon the value update.
  • APS-18659 Lync and Office 365 provisioning tasks started in the middle of POA upgrade, fail: Key and cipher schemes do not match.
  • APS-17012 The APS Resource Type pointing to a non-existing application causes the Unforeseen Error, when navigating to the Users Tab.
  • APS-16990 The Application block is missing on the Customer Control Panel Dashboard if the first 'Application Service Reference' resource found in the subscription has zero limit.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.

See also: Operations Automation 6.0 Updates.

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