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Article ID: 124378, created on Feb 4, 2015, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5

Release Notes

Fixed Issues

new fixed issues v.7:

POA-90901 Insufficient logging of REST requests execution
POA-90899 One unprocessed request covered by APS2Cache could block similar requests for undefined amount of time
APS-19702 N*N: SaaSManager_impl::onRemoveDNSRecord is slow on domain records from APS1 subscriptions
APS-19570 UI proxy corrupts requests under multithreaded load
APS-19569 Number of "Total active instances" is the same for different application versions in CEP report

included from KB124176 v.6:

APS-19191 "Association with the resource '' is not allowed" during provisioning of APS2 & APS 1.2 subscripotion for new account

included from KB123689 v.5:

APS-18594 Not reduced usage of McAfee subservices during removal user with enabled McAfee service and sub services

included from KB122947 v.4:

APS-17699 Failed to delete service user bound several levels of APS2 resources

included from KB122720 v.3:

POA-87337 Race conditions between install and configure tasks in WPB

included from KB122629 v.2:

POA-87336 property access restricted for referrer is not observed
POA-87530 APS-Tokens should be encrypted with Authenticated Encryption mode

included from KB122627 v.1:

POA-87452 APS subscription trial field is true after switch plans from trial to paid (not trial)
POA-87451 The property "trial" of the APS subscription resource isn't updated
POA-87334 APSC task fails without auto-rescheduling
POA-87333 If number of resources owned by provider is above 1000, method pem.APS.provideServiceInstance can fail because parent resource is not found in security scope
POA-87428 Support for APS-Identity-ID in PCP & RCP


Hotfix can be downloaded here.


Use pa_updates_installer ( to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to POA 5.5.7 via pa_updates_installer. To install hotfix manually obtain its distributive from the link above and follow instructions found in file UPDATE.txt of distributive.

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