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Article ID: 124324, created on Jan 29, 2015, last review on Feb 13, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • APS 2.x


I'm having issues with troubleshooting an APS2 application, are there any logs that can be useful?


APS2 applications work in a distributed system, each component has its own log file and troubleshooting technics.

There are 4 major components in APS2 instrastructure:

  1. UI
  2. APS controller
  3. Application endpoint
  4. Service itself (usually located in the cloud)

To find needed component you need first to define whether you are troubleshooting a problem with APS user interface or with provisioning logic.

Application UI:

  1. Navigation (how application interface should be embedded into POA screens)

    defined in: APP-META.xml, <navigation> nodes

    typical errors:

    • application tab is not showing in CCP
    • Unforseen error in CCP

    logs: /var/log/poa-ui.log

  2. JavaScript UI

    defined in: ui/ folder in APS package

    typical errors:

    • hanging 'Loading' icon
    • UI elements do not work or work not as expected

    log: browser's debugger console tab

Application provisioning:

  1. POA + APS controller

    defined in: schemas/ folder in APS package

    typical errors:

    • schema validation failed
    • incorrect order of provisioning
    • PA and APS controller logic


    • /var/log/poa.log - POA/SAAS SC/APSC logs, database queries
    • /var/log/apsc.http.log - requests to and from APSC (IN and OUT)
    • /var/log/saas.http.log - requests to and from endpoints (IN and OUT)
  2. Application endpoint

    defined in: scripts/ folder, can be provided by means of rpm or some other way

    typical errors: '500 Internal Server Error' returned by endpoint


    • webserver log, for Apache /var/log/httpd/ssl_error_log
    • application's own log, location can be found in Deployment Guide in APS package
  3. external service in the cloud

    Problem needs to be troubleshooted by service maintainer, considered a blackbox

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