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Article ID: 124214, created on Jan 17, 2015, last review on Jan 17, 2015


In very large Parallels Cloud Server environments you may want to enable auto updates to not go through each individual node and update them manually.


  1. Automatic updates can be enabled via yum-cron application. Install it via:

      [root@pcs1 ~]# yum install yum-cron
  2. Enable service:

      [root@pcs1 ~]# chkconfig yum-cron on
  3. Start service:

      [root@pcs1 ~]# service yum-cron start
       Enabling nightly yum update:                               [  OK  ]

    Additional information

    The default configuration is to check for update, download updates and install them automatically on a daily base. Once a week yum will clean the package cache to avoid missing critical updates. You can tune behavior via /etc/sysconfig/yum-cron and set the following options:


    Also you can specify different e-mail address which should be informed after downloading or installing the updates. You can change it with the following option:


    By default it will send notifications to root.

    Automatic updates will not reboot the node. If any security related kernel update is being installed it is recommended to reboot the node.

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