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A SpamExperts-related task in OA task manager fails with an error like below:

Task name               APS application 'SpamExperts Integration', id 101, instance 10001 ->     service 'context', instance 10001: executing configuration script
Last execution output   
Execution of configuration script for instance with id 10001 of service with id context of instance with id 10001 of application with id 101 failed - returned value: -1 output: '' errors: '[Domains] Redirecting configure request to install handler...
[Domains] Install Start
Checking all currently assigned domains in subscription..
Requesting current MX record for ''
Adding route '' to the collection of MX records.
Adding route '' to the collection of MX records.
Cleaning up array.
Returning multiple custom MX records
Requesting current MX record for 'domain.tld'
Checking for 'DNS_MX1_SUBSTITUTE_domain.tld'...
Checking for global 'DNS_MX1_SUBSTITUTE'...
Returning global MX record
Comparing old with new domains.
Processing all new domains.
Creating domain '' with email: '' and destination: 'Array'
Requesting '' to be added to the spamfilter (destination: 'Array').
addDomain Data: {"domain":"","destinations":["",""]}
[API]IDN encoding values for 'domain'
[API]Converting value for 'destinations' to an JSON array
[API]Going to call:
[HTTP]Going to request ''
[HTTP]Doing authenticated HTTP request with username 'poaaps'
[HTTP]Using normal password'
[HTTP]Responsecode: 200
[API]Returned errors: a:2:{i:0;s:22:"Domain already exists.";i:1;s:35:"Failed to add domain ''";}
[API]Unhandled API error
[API]Unhandled API error
Adding domain '' to antispam has failed
Domain '' could not be added.
The subscription has (partially) failed. Unable to proceed!

Another possible error is:

[API]Returned errors: a:2:{i:0;s:66:"The domain you're trying to add ( is already exists";i:1;s:37:"Failed to add domain ''";}


Domain already exists in SpamExperts Control Panel, such errors could appear if it was manually added to SpamExperts.


Remove the '' domain from SpamExperts panel or contact SpamExperts support for assistance. After that re-submit the failed task.

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