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Article ID: 124089, created on Dec 29, 2014, last review on Dec 29, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5


In case of a big number of sites (4000 and more) the task for upgrading to Parallels Presence Builder 11.5 APS may fail with timeout:

Task ID
Task name       
APS application 'Parallels Presence Builder for PA', id 117, instance 27 : executing configuration script
Task description        
APS application 'Parallels Presence Builder for PA', id 117, instance 27 : executing configuration script
Subscription ID
Parent task ID  
Queue name      
Method name     
Execution status        
Start not earlier than  
Dec-04-2014 08:43
Dec-04-2014 09:43
Request has been timed out, details:
system exception, ID ''
TAO exception, minor code = 3e (timeout during recv; low 7 bits of errno: 62 Timer expired), completed = MAYBE

During the next execution it will be completed successfully, however in fact part of PPB sites will remain un-upgraded. The following error will be shown when opening such site:

An internal Parallels Presence Builder error has occurred.
Your website could not be upgraded. You can contact your hosting provider for assistance or start over and create a new site from scratch. If you choose to start over, all your website content will be lost. 


The behavior has been reported to the development team as a bug APS-18835.


To finalize the upgrade of all remained Parallels Presence Builder sites, please login to the server where centralized PPB instance is located and do the following steps:

  1. create empty folder in /path_to_wpb_centralized_instance/htdocs/include/SB/Upgrades/ folder (if upgrade was performed from other version, not 11.0.12, then change the folder name correspondently):

    # mkdir /path_to_wpb_centralized_instance/htdocs/include/SB/Upgrades/11_0_12
  2. set correct ownership (it should be the same as for other folders in this folder):

    # chown a123456.pemcln /path_to_wpb_centralized_instance/htdocs/include/SB/Upgrades/11_0_12/htdocs/include/SB/Upgrades/11_0_12
  3. restart the upgrade (this step will be the longest one, it can take up to several hours depending on the number of sites):

    # /usr/bin/sw-engine /path_to_wpb_centralized_instance/htdocs/utils/upgrade.php
  4. execute post-configuration script:

    # /usr/bin/sw-engine /path_to_wpb_centralized_instance/htdocs/utils/post_configure.php

The mechanism of upgrading to next Parallels Presence Builder version (12.x) has been significantly changed: upgrade of centralized instnace is done right away, and individual sites are upgraded upon first login. Therefore, such issue won't occur when upgrading to PPB 12.x.

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