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Article ID: 123999, created on Dec 20, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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Imported store has unmanageable purchase scenarios without the names:



A store that was imported did not have an active English language: Home> Products> Online Store> Languages

English was either deleted or deactivated. The dependence between active store languages and control panel locales is incorrect, caused by the bug with id #PBA-60755 ("Purchase scenarios are empty for the locale if store was exported with this language deactivated"). If you deactivate/delete some language from Online Store, then export and import this store, and login under locale which was deactivated/deleted from Store, you will see empty purchase scenarios.


The bug is to be fixed with one of the next PBA updates.

As a workaround to make store usable do the following:

  1. Select the store that needs to be exported for editing ("Select for Editing" button)
  2. Add/activate the language in Home> Products> Online Store> Languages
  3. Export the store
  4. Now the language can be deleted/deactivated
  5. Import the store
  6. Delete/deactivate langauge from the imported store if it is not required

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