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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Business Automation (PBA) version 5.4.17 can be downloaded here.

New Features

Support for new EU VAT Rules 2015 Multiple Tax Rates with Various Activation Dates per Tax  

Fixed issues


PBA-60041 Resource Upgrade wizard forces a customer to purchase the incorrect amount of resource if the customer's subscription contains this resource both as a standalone one and included in one or more composite resources.

PBA-58229 The KickSleepingOrders query runs too long.

PBA-52130 It should be possible to generate no refund during service plan switch.


PBA-60040 The new .eu registration platform should be supported for EURid.

PBA-51896 The registrant's Date of Birth is not accepted if it is earlier than 1970-01-01.


PBA-52636 XSS vulnerability in Online Store.

PBA-52633 XSS vulnerability in Online Store.


PBA-60043 Incorrect behaviour while setting the DATE additional parameter for an order.

PBA-59155 Migration of PBA from the Container (PVC) to the Container (PCS) fails.

PBA-55568 The Before Expiration notification schedules do not work.

PBA-52628 The payment placeholders are not filled for the AR Document notifications.

PBA-52025 PBA displays a blank page, if logged in to PBA directly with IE10.  

Update Installation Information

During update installation, PBA-E services on the PBA-E application server will be stopped. With the installation of updates on Linux, PostgreSQL server service will be restarted several times. With installation of updates on Windows, a PBA-E application server reboot may be required. Expected downtime depends on the amount of time required to make a pre-upgrade backup and on the source product version.


Note: If required by pre-check, reinstall custom plug-ins according to the article

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