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  • Business Automation 5.5


Customer requested to switch Billing Type from "Per Subscription" to "Per Account" in order to receive single consolidated Invoice for all his subscriptions.

What will be the consequence of switching Billing Type in customer class?


Provider needs to be aware that switching a Billing type to "Per account" in the customer class will affect all accounts of the Provider / Reseller, who belong to the same Customer Class. If this is unwanted scenario, customer who needs to switch Billing Type should be assigned to different customer class.

The most significant change in service provisioning is that these "Per Account" billed customers will be getting their services immediately on placing Orders without payment, because "Per Account" billing type means that credit limits of the accounts are not taken into consideration, and Consolidated invoice for all pending orders is generated on account statement day.

Secondly, all existing subscriptions will be billed on the same day as they billed before switch. So each subscription will have its own next billing date. The Invoices for each subscription's billing order will be consolidated and issued at one day, but every subscription will be billed on its respective day.

If it is necessary to make all subscriptions to be billed at the same day, there are two ways:

1) Make a copy of Service Plan for each service plan subscription is based on. Switch all subscriptions to new service plan on one day, making new billing period start from day of switch.

2) Adjust next billing day on each subscription manually on General tab. This way can be used if there are not too many active subscriptions.

More details about Per Account billing can be found in the Provider's Guide at: , page 68.

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