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Article ID: 123797, created on Dec 3, 2014, last review on Dec 7, 2014


Unable to migrate container from Virtuozzo 4.7 to PCS 6 with vzfs to ploop conversion.

Message appears: "Error setting up ugid quota".

On source server:

[root@vz4 default]# vzmigrate -r no --convert-vzfs 100700 
root@'s password:
Connection to destination node ( is successfully established
Moving/copying CT#100700 -> CT#100700, [], [] ...
vzctl_conf_get_param(QUOTAUGIDLIMIT) return 100
The Container's file system will be converted to ext4.
Checking external bind mounts
Check cluster ID
Checking keep dir for private area copy
Checking license restrictions
Checking technologies
Checking disk usage space
Checking templates for CT
Checking IP addresses on destination node
Ignore /bin/vztar exit code 0, continue
Ignore /bin/vztar exit code 0, continue
Ignore /bin/vztar exit code 0, continue
Ignore /bin/vztar exit code 0, continue
/usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 65
Can't move/copy CT#100700 -> CT#100700, [], [] : /usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 65

Logs of destination server contain similar messages:

2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Mount image: /vz/private/100700/root.hdd
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 : Opening delta /pstorage/3rdline/private/100700/root.hdd/root.hds
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 : Adding delta dev=/dev/ploop17292 img=/pstorage/3rdline/private/100700/root.hdd/root.hds (rw)
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 : Mounting /dev/ploop17292p1 at /vz/root/100700 fstype=ext4 data='balloon_ino=12,pfcache_csum,pfcache=/vz/pfcache,usrjquota=aquota.user,,jqfmt=vfsv0' 
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Container is mounted
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Starting the Container ...
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Setting permissions 20002 dev 0x7d00
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Adding offline management to Container(1): 4643 8443 4649 
2014-07-18T16:35:11+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Adding IP addresses: 
2014-07-18T16:35:12+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Hostname of the Container set: ip.vztt.test
2014-07-18T16:35:12+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Setting permissions 60010 dev 0x4380b6c1
2014-07-18T16:35:12+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Old quota version detected Quota utilities version 3.13. Quota should be > 3.16
2014-07-18T16:35:12+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Error setting up ugid quota 
2014-07-18T16:35:13+0400 vzctl : Container 100700 : Unmount image: /vz/private/100700/root.hdd


Container doesn't support journalled quota, but migration tools detect that jquota is supported. Such containers can be converted to ploop format only with additional configuration.


If OS template is a custom one and its name is present in Containers configuration file, add the custom OS template name in /etc/vztt/nojquota.conf in format $OSTEMPLATE_NAME-$OSTEMPLATE_VERSION". Example:


If OS template name is not present in Container's configuration file, add the "JOURNALED_QUOTA=no" there and restart the container:

[root@benderbrau ~]# echo "JOURNALED_QUOTA=no" >> /etc/vz/conf/$VEID.conf

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