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Article ID: 123572, created on Nov 18, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • Business Automation 5.5


The Upgrade Resource Limits button is absent in the providers control panel for the specific subscription(s) (PBA Home> Operations> Subscriptions> subscriptionID > Resources):


while it is present for others. Why does it happen, how can the resource limits be changed?


There are several factors preventing a resource limit change. The actual one can be found on attempt to change limits from CCP: account CCP > Account > Buy Additional Resources > subscriptionID

Possible errors are:

  1. Subscription #XXX is not Active. Upgrades/Downgrades are not available now. Please contact your provider to resolve the issue and then try to upgrade resources again.

  2. There is a Renewal Order for Subscription#XXX. Upgrades/Downgrades are not allowed. Please make sure the order is completed and then try to upgrade resources again.

  3. The Subscription #XXX Next Billing Date is in the past. Please wait while the subscription is billed and then try to upgrade the resources again.


Depending on the error resolutions are:

  1. The subscription is Expired and needs to be renewed before resource adjustment limit. Place a renewal order for the subscription (make sure it is completed) or complete an existing one.

  2. There is an unprocessed renewal order for the subscription. Cancel this unprocessed renewal order, then adjust resource limits, make sure the change order to upgrade/downgrade resources completed successfully and place a new renewal order. This is an intended restriction to prevent double or not full subscription billing.

  3. Such error occurs if the subscription was renewed today after having been in Expired status. You should wait for the next Daily Billing Process, which will adjust subscription's Next Billing Date. Feature request PBA-60142 exists to improve this situation and make it possible to place CH orders the same day subscription was renewed.

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