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Provider synchronizes all licenses using Sync all licenses in Home > Services > Licenses (Business Automation 5.5 and later) or Home > External Systems Director > License Manager > Licenses (Business Automation 5.4 and earlier).

Control panel keeps loading for few minutes and then shows error:

Service Unavailable


Operation is done synchronously - Business Automation contacts Key Administrator, fetches information of a license and compares it with information it has about it in database. If provider has many licenses, this operation can take 10-15 minutes or more.

Control panel shows Service Unavailable error after timeout specified in Apache configuration on branding server expires - synchronization process keeps running in background though.


There are existing requests to optimize or change this behavior:

#PBA-58291 - to avoid synchronization of licenses that have status Terminated in Business Automation;
#PBA-58303 - to move "Sync all licenses" to asynchronous operation.

To resolve the issue it is necessary to increase Apache timeout on branding server.

For Branding server running on legacy Apache hosting.
Add line like

Timeout 600

to file /usr/local/pem/etc/apache/httpd.conf_pem.override and restart Apache:

service pemhttpd restart    

For Apache running on NG web server.
Edit timeout setting in file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (or if it is redefined in another file in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ - it should be changed there) and restart Apache:

service httpd restart

If branding server is running on NG cluster - above operation should be done on every member of the cluster.

Another way to handle this is to ignore this error as process still keeps running in background and one can trace its execution by checking log file /usr/local/bm/log/KAGATE.log on Business Automation server.

Note: Generally there is no need to start synchronization of all licenses, because Business Automation automatically performs full synchronization of KA plugins (including synchronization of all licenses) once a day by means of a periodic task.

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