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Article ID: 123369, created on Oct 31, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.5.8 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • New Public API Methodpem.bindUserToSubscription
  • The Output of the Method can be Filtered by a Specific Subscription
  • Apache Tomcat is updated to Version 7.0.55
  • Hourly Billing for IP Addresses
  • The Old Password is Asked when Changing a Service User Password in My Control Panel
  • APS-Identity-ID can be Passed in SecurityToken for Provider and Reseller Staff Members
  • Passing the CCP User Locale to APS 1.2 Verification Scripts is Supported
  • Prevent Users Enumeration on the Forgot Password Page

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-86696 The unlocalized value "DELIVERY_PERMISSIONS.Mailbox.ADD.DESC" is displayed on the "Grant send permission" screen for the Exchange mailbox.

Linux Mail Hosting

  • POA-87707 The courier IMAP does not contact LDAP for authentication.
  • POA-87706 The node migration procedure does not migrate wrappers for services in qmail node.
  • POA-87705 The node migration procedure does not migrate the DrWeb config files.
  • POA-85487 The postfix-mta package is not supported, but included in POA distribution.

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-88319 The getWebSiteCount has an unoptimized SQL query which causes the "Hardware nodes" tab loading with "Service Unavailable" or too long.
  • POA-88246 The java.lang.NullPointerException occurs, when trying to edit the Default Documents for the webspace without a domain attached, for Windows Shared Hosting.
  • POA-88183 DLLHost.exe crashes during PEM task execution.
  • POA-85542 The "Gather disk space usage from MS SQL Server databases" task fails.
  • POA-84696 The search by the webspace name/id/host does not work in POA for IIS websites.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-88850 Server Name Indication (SNI) feature for NG does not work for www prefix.
  • POA-88817 Poodle security issue for NG.
  • POA-88664 Upgrade for bash inside the legacy Linux Shared Hosting chroot environment is required.
  • POA-87889 The webclusterext installation fails if epel repo is enabled on the webserver.
  • POA-87233 The dynrequests script scheduled in cron in case of the standalone mode (on NG Webservers).
  • POA-87200 POA changes PHP version in the website settings if there was an attempt to change service template.
  • POA-86958 The task "Add new WebSite Profile for User Account" fails on attempt to enable Urchin for a website from Customer Control Panel > More services > Urchin Web Statistics.
  • POA-85768 The LFA service is not removed during webspace removing.VPS Hosting

  • POA-87785 The network interface name assignment during Shared VPS to Hardware Node migration is counterintuitive.
  • POA-87310 The "Change Administrator Password" feature may break Windows VZ hardware nodes management.

Application Packaging Standard

  • POA-88537 MSSQL 2005 does not support creating an index with 'WHERE', which is inside of sc-Win32-5.2-i386-SaaS- dbschema-mssql.02-029.sql.
  • POA-88186 The unbalanced configuration of the task taskSynchronizeResourceUsage may lead to Customer Control Panel unavailability and SAAS crash.
  • POA-86617 If an APS application instance has a counter value that exceeds 32-bit value, then viewing the instances of this application fails.
  • POA-86403 The race conditions occur between the install and the configure tasks in Parallels Presence Builder.
  • APS-17631 The 'subscription limit change' event is triggered twice, when subscription limits are updated via OpenAPI.
  • APS-17588 The APS Token should be updated in old APS tasks, scheduled before poa-5.5-5562_update07_KB122720-989 hotfix.
  • APS-17541 Removal of a service user fails, if there is a chain of strong links between APS resources ended at the user.
  • APS-17540 There is no way to remove an application if its download has failed.
  • APS-17526 The task "Dumping content of scripts directory for instance of APS site application with id" sometimes does not work on NG cluster.
  • APS-17489 CLONE - Service user wizard called by a newly imported application is not activated in CCP unless the PEMUI service is restarted.
  • APS-17484 APS Tokens should be encrypted with the Authenticated Encryption mode.
  • APS-17458 After upgrade to 5.5.7, CCP buttons in the navigation bar use different skin than on 5.5.6.
  • APS-17443 The property "trial" of the APS subscription resource is not updated.
  • APS-17395 If the number of resources owned by provider is more than 1000, the resource creation may fail.
  • APS-17349 APSC task fails without auto-rescheduling.
  • APS-17332 The APS subscription "trial" field is true after switching plans from trial to paid (not trial).
  • APS-17309 When the number of new DNS records is above 64K, the task "Propagation of APS 2.0 resources" for an account completes successfully, but actually DNS records in APS database are not synced with the POA database.
  • APS-16933 The resource's "access" property for referrer does not work as expected.
  • APS-16085 The Wizard data is loaded for a second time in an application installation wizard, instead of using cache.
  • APS-14003 The issues related to the catalog (such as inability to resolve its hostname) affect the whole "Applications" section in Provider Control Panel.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-9150 It was possible to add any number of CPU cores to a virtual server, using JavaScript browser console.
  • CCU-9056 Virtual servers in 'failed to start' status could not be deleted.
  • CCU-9022 Virtual servers whose names contained Cyrillic symbols could not be cloned.
  • CCU-9009 POA used to send notifications through its mailing system to the end customers.
  • CCU-9006 In rare cases of 'server twins' where there were two or more servers with the same UUID, their traffic usage increased.
  • CCU-8975 The Instance Manager runs out of memory because of multiple huge history requests.
  • CCU-8968 The IPv6 addresses slider could be moved beyond the preset limits when creating a new server.
  • CCU-8961 The price is not recalculated if there's no default OS group configuration present in the subscription.
  • CCU-8950 The Instance Manager could try to create a new server from an image with local storage even when the parent node had zero local storage capacity.
  • CCU-8945 The Instance Manager could stop offloading Servers from a failed hardware node if they belonged to a disabled subscription.
  • CCU-8573 Some caches were treated as unreclaimable memory during autoscale.


  • POA-88848 The error message is displayed during migration of an account from PBAS to PA.
  • POA-88625 The link to KB 111323 "POA Updates Installer" is not clickable in the message telling about the available hotfixes/updates.
  • POA-88061 The content of the online and PDF format of the same guide is different.
  • POA-88031 Updating of msi packages on W2K3 is incompatible with MS 14-049 kb2918614.
  • POA-88003 Upgrade to 5.5.7 fails on w2k3: UAC is not supported and could not take approval from user.
  • POA-87725 The pem.addDomain API method ignores the path parameter for the hosting_type 0.
  • POA-87556 XMLRPC request makes UI unavailable if PBA xmlrpcd container is not accessible.
  • POA-87324 The "Back" button does not cancel the custom upsell orders.
  • POA-86927 Description of LVE CPU consumption and LVE faults resources should be added to documentation.
  • POA-85888 The POA upgrade for Windows Management Node cannot be ran from the directory with spaces in the path.
  • POA-85511 SSH keys are not migrated during the Management Node migration from CentOS 4 to CentOS 6.
  • POA-84321 The information about upcoming hotfixes should be hidden in the reseller's POA Control Panel.
  • POA-82594 Migration may fail due to violation of the packages dependency.


  • POA-88593 Security vulnerability.
  • POA-88188 Directory traversal vulnerability.
  • POA-88115 Authentication bypass.
  • POA-87489 Security vulnerability.
  • POA-87325 Privileges escalation.


The update can be downloaded here.

Please contact support for its deployment.


You can find full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

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