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  • Business Automation 5.4


I would like to create a campaign for each Sales Person and have the Online Store redirect to either the main Store page or to some Store Usage Scenario. So, that anything the user buys from that redirect gets assigned the SalesPersonID, regardless of which service the user chooses.


Redirect is a method to bring customer from advertising site directly to Online Store with the advertised plan already added to the shopping cart. The advertising banner or picture holds a hyperlink to the online store with a special parameter REDIRECT: "SHOST" here is the name of redirect configured in PBA. Redirect can be set in the formats:

"NAME_PATH=WIN_WEBHOSTING_PATH&PlanID=19&PeriodID=36" - customer is redirected to online store with particular subscription period of particular plan selected.
"NAME_PATH=WIN_WEBHOSTING_PATH&PlanID=19&PeriodID=36&PromoCodeID=2213455" - the same as first method + customer gets promotion bonuses.
"NAME_PATH=WIN_WEBHOSTING_PATH&PlanID=19&PeriodID=36&PromoCodeID=2213455&LanguageID=en" - the same as second method + customer is redirected to online store page with pre-selected English language.

To use the prepared redirect, a link of the following kind has to be placed in banner:

main online store -;
proxy online store - 

The URL may also use one of (or both) additional parameters to identify sales branch and sales person: SalesPersonID and SalesBranchID. The link in this case would be of the following kind:, where "XXX" and "YYY" are unique identifiers of sales person and sales branch in PBA, respectively.

For redirect to Usage Scenario Screen, you will need to create a new Online Store redirect and specify for URL "NAME_PATH=", for example:


For redirect to Online Store itself, you will need to create a new Online Store redirect and specify empty URL: "NAME_PATH="

Further, the name of redirect can be used in Campaign Redirect URL with SalesPersonID as it is shown on screen-shots Online Store Redirects Campaigns.

Once end-client goes to Online Store by provided to him URL, SalesPersonID will be saved to cookies, and will be assigned to orders purchased by the end-client.

Once all redirects and campaigns are configured, Online Store should be synchronized, for the changes to be applied to Store.

You may also find additional information in PBA Online Store Guide:

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