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Article ID: 123178, created on Oct 17, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • Business Automation 6.0

PBA-E 6.0: Known Issues, Limitations, and General Notes

The article describes known issues and limitations of Parallels Business Automation - Enterprise (PBA-E) 6.0, as well as general notes about the release.

After the upgrade, check that firewall is configured

During the upgrade, the system checks the iptables configuration. In case iptables/ip6tables aren't loaded into kernel, the upgrade does not fail but the respective warning message is added to upgrade log. For more information on how to harden PostgreSQL end-points of Operations Automation and Business Automation system databases, refer to this KB.

The issue occurs if the Online Store is installed in container running on Linux.

Tiered Pricing

PACI price estimation does not take tiers into account (it calculates the price for zero price level, without the “discount”).

Volume/Bulk model is not supported (when the overall price is calculated for a bulk tier, following the example above, 33 mailboxes at $3 per item will cost 33x3 = $99).

Cross-subscription resource amount calculation is not supported.

Tiered prices for subscription period fees cannot be used.

Fixed discounts/promotions are not supported for resources with tiered prices – only percentage-based ones are supported.

Tiered prices for non-additive resources (e.g. diskspace) are supported only for recurring and setup fee (not overuse fee).

Transferring Subscriptions between Customer Accounts

Both customer accounts should belong to the same vendor and be assigned to the same brand (re-branding is not supported).

Domain transfers between registrars are not supported.

Transfer of APS 1.x applications installed in a Container is not supported.

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