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The current article specifies locations of the log files which are generated during installation of updates/hotfixes on PBA server(s).

  • In case of running PBA installer on Linux, log file is being written to /tmp/product_installer.log log file. It is true for all servers - PBA application, PBA database and PBA online store server. 
  • In case of running PBA installer on Windows, all log files as well as temporary files are placed into "C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Temp" direcrory.
  • Logs of PBA prechecks can be found here: PBA_DIR/upgrade_log/pba_prechecks.log and here: PBA_DIR/prechecks.log, PBA_DIR/verify_db.log
  • In case of using "pa_updates_installer" utility, log files are generated inside of "/usr/local/bm/log" folder, and are named in relation to the versions from which and to which update is performed, for example: /usr/local/bm/log/update-5.5.7-056-5.5.8.log OR /usr/local/bm/log/update-5.5.7-056-latest.log
  • In case of hotfixes installation, one should check PBA_DIR/upgrade_log/pba_hotfixes.log
  • In case of hotfixes installation on Linux using Control Panel "hotfixes" tab, also "BM.log" should be checked.


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