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Article ID: 123049, created on Oct 3, 2014, last review on Oct 29, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • APS 2.x


Microsoft Lync HP 4.4 APS application package brings new functionality of per-organization dial plan and client policy settings. This allows each organization to have independent regional dialing rules and settings specific to a state/region of the users. Previously "Global" dial plan and client policy was applicable to all users of all organizations and user routing rules are not working in version 4.4


Each user of all organizations have a granted dial plan and assigned client policy. The dial plan and policy are 2 separate settings object corresponding to organization-wide settings. Each have an identity of organization's aps resource guid. The rules and settings from "Global" plan and policy do not apply to such users any more.


Use attached powershell script in order to propagate voice rules and policy settings to organization specific objects. It assumes that there is a dial plan corresponding to each organization. If some dial plans and/or client policies were deleted after upgrade to Lync HP 4.4 then such settings must be recreated. Users must be granted organization specific dial plans and client policies before using the provided script. The script will enumerate existing dial plans and existing voice rules in global dial plan and copy/update voice normalization rules under each dial plan with rules from "Global" plan. Then script will copy settings from "Global" client policy into each of organizations policies. Execution of this script can be configured with system scheduler to periodically update new organizations.


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