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Article ID: 122586, created on Aug 6, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.5.7 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Support for Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Support for Cumulative Update for SharePoint Foundation 2010 (June 10, 2014)
  • Support for Update Rollup 6 for Exchange 2010 SP3
  • Support for Cumulative Update 5 for Exchange Server 2013

New Features

  • Support for NAPTR DNS Records
  • Sending Notifications to Service Users
  • Custom Node Locations for Server Images in Cloud Infrastructure

Known Issue with Microsoft Office 365

POA 5.5.7 is not compatible with Microsoft Office 365 5.0-5.2. After upgrading POA to version 5.5.7, Microsoft Office 365 must be upgraded to version 5.3 or higher.

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-85613 A resource mailbox cannot be modified due to a missing APS context.
  • POA-85318 The public folder creation fails if the replication of stores is used.

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-86578 It is not possible to change the web hosting properties if the site root application is installed.
  • POA-84370 The WinFileManager service is not available for a long time after an upgrade.
  • POA-84369 The upgrade task of the WebFilManager tries to grant permissions to hosts in another domain.
  • POA-84261 When trying to add a user with WebMatrix in Customer Control Panel, the error is shown: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException.

    Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-86646 Websites on NG Webcluster with a large number of dynamic requests per page, are loading slow.
  • POA-86369 The task "Configure IP address on host" is not created.
  • POA-86303 If the NG cluster name contains spaces, then addition of the new NG webserver results in the stopped redis service on the Management Node.
  • POA-86282 Memory leak in MySQL SC when using MySQL API.
  • POA-85490 On the POA+PBA installations the option --with-pba should be mandatory for the lshng migration script.
  • POA-85465 The migration script fails if the caused exception returns the description containing a non ASCII (Unicode) symbol.
  • POA-82994 The POA update installation fails because the nfslock service is stopped.

Application Hosting

  • POA-86383 Cannot provision the non-root service of the application of the "Shared Web Hosting" type.
  • POA-86338 The DNS record update could fail if it is propagated to the APS bus.
  • POA-86324 Mass provisioning of Open Exchange instances results in the duplicated sequence creation.
  • POA-85938 The SAAS controller may crash during parsing of the URL mapping.
  • POA-85433 The duplicated error message occurs on parameters validation.
  • POA-84774 The SharePoint site creation fails with the error: Domain service (ds_id = 52) not found.
  • APS-17217 During an application installation, the default domain is always passed, without respect to the actually selected domain(s).
  • APS-17209 If both the APS 2 and the APS 1.2 applications are present in a subscription, then the APS 1.2 application is reconfigured twice, and second time with the wrong resource limits.
  • APS-17141 During POST and PUT operations, in some cases the error occurs: "The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.".
  • APS-17010 When the Customer Control Panel is opened using IE8, it is not possible to create a service user with Office 365 using HSU.
  • APS-16892 The View label, which is defined in the navigation section of the application metadata is not displayed in Customer Control Panel.
  • APS-16821 Some of the APS core widgets are not localized.
  • APS-16818 The provisioning task fails because it is called with the wrong application instance context.
  • APS-16815 POA does not send the event notification about a service user availability.
  • APS-16764 In case the REST request was successfully handled by the APS Controller the response contains the header 'transfer-encoding:chunked' without respect to the response body content.
  • APS-16563 The navigation error occurs on the "edit" screen in Provider Control Panel, when more than one application instance is installed.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-8873 In cases when the amount of virtual servers that were not suitable for backup exceeded the maximum backup batch size, it prevented all other virtual servers from being backed up.
  • CCU-8821 Increased traffic could be spent on communications between the Instance Manager and virtualization nodes.
  • CCU-8776 In cases when a server image failed to migrate, the image could freeze instead of displaying a failure message.
  • CCU-8667 Total backup space usage could be displayed incorrectly for some virtual servers.
  • CCU-8618 The server bandwidth usage could occasionally be displayed as having a negative value.
  • CCU-8579 It was not possible to set location attributes for storage nodes.
  • CCU-8554 Cloud Infrastructure used to allow adding virtualization nodes as storage nodes.
  • CCU-8553 When you tried to delete an image that was already deleted, an error message used to appear.
  • CCU-8552 It was impossible to remove the last IP pool from a network group.
  • CCU-8525 Failed to add PCS host to PACI when /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 is absent.
  • CCU-8497 An IPv6 pool could not be created without specifying the gateway.
  • CCU-8492 On virtualization nodes where maximum one server was allowed, it was impossible to delete the IP address of that server.
  • CCU-8477 Scheduled backups were performed even for servers included in disabled subscriptions.
  • CCU-8400 Instance Manager could fail to start if the libpng library was not installed on the virtualization node prior to Cloud Infrastructure module deployment.


  • POA-87099 pem.getUserFullInfo method is not mentioned it the POA Public API Reference.
  • POA-87009 [DOC] CLONE - On the POA+PBA installations the option --with-pba should be mandatory for the lshng migration script.
  • POA-86962 The information about configuring the max_execution_time parameter for WebFileManager should be added to documentation.
  • POA-86907 Exchange 2010 > 2013 upgrade possibility is not listed in guide.
  • POA-86828 The pem.changeUserPassword API method fails if there are no services attached to a service user.
  • POA-86332 The "trial" flag is set to "false", even when on PBA side the subscription is trial.
  • POA-86186 Installation of Net Framework 4.5.1 on WPE partially breaks the provisioning.
  • POA-85969 The script fails in case the VPS resource is configured with "auto" IP pool activation.
  • POA-85417 The disabled Menu Item is still visible in the Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-85157 It is should be mentioned in documentation that when switching the NG cluster load balancer, it must be accessible over ICMP.
  • POA-81937 When POA changes the application pool from exclusive to shared (and conversely) the task fails with diagnostics: not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
  • POA-78792 The "Own CP Access" privilege role allows extra access rights.
  • CCU-8818 Incomplete description of server bandwidth in documentation.


The update can be downloaded here.

Please contact support for its deployment.


You can find full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

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