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Article ID: 122526, created on Jul 30, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


  • Office 365 5.0.x - 16.6.x is used on your Odin Automation installation.
  • Changes which are made by an Office 365 customer in the Microsoft Online Services Portal are not automatically propagated to Odin Automation.


Versions 3.x - 4.x of the Office 365 application support background 2-way synchronization (see Odin Automation Office 365 Integration Provider's Guide >> Finalizing Office 365 Application Deployment > Synchronizing Changes Applied in Microsoft Online Services Portal to PA (

In versions 5.0.x - 16.6.x of the Office 365 application, 2-way synchronization is also supported, but it requires manual intervention (see Odin Automation Office 365 Integration Subscriber's Guide >> Synchronizing Office 365 Organization with Microsoft Online Services Portal (


This article offers a temporary solution to the issue described above. It is a script that starts background synchronization and helps to automate this task.

  1. Log on to the OA Billing Application Server (BALINFE) as root.

  2. Install the following RPM packages:

    • perl-REST-Client
    • perl-Frontier-RPC
    • perl-Frontier-RPC-doc

    The RPM packages are attached to the KB article

    Example for CentOS 6.5:

    • Execute the yum install perl-Frontier-RPC perl-Frontier-RPC-doc perl-XML-LibXML command.
    • Execute the rpm -i perl-REST-Client-271-1.el6.noarch.rpm command.
  3. Put the file to the /usr/local/o365 directory.

  4. Execute the chmod +x /usr/local/o365/ command.

  5. In the file, specify the following parameters:

    • $officeappid - Application ID of the Office 365 APS application.

      Important: Application ID is different from Instance ID.

    • $appinstance - Instance ID of an instance of the Office 365 APS application (optional). When -1 is specified (the default value), the script takes into account all instances. When an individual instance is specified, the script takes into account only the specified instance.

    • $poa - The BackNet IP address of the OA Operations Management Node.

    • $poaport - The port of the OA Operations Public API. The default value is 8440.
  6. Put the file to the /usr/local/o365 directory.

  7. Execute the chmod +x /usr/local/o365/ command.

  8. Add the * * * * * * /usr/local/o365/ line to crontab using the crontab -e command.

Note: If you need to view synchronization logs, go to the /var/log/sync/ directory.

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