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Article ID: 122477, created on Jul 25, 2014, last review on Feb 19, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


Task Configure site application fails with the following error:

Provisioning request failed. Unspecified error [<response><errorContext description="Error 255(The extended attributes are inconsistent) at execute '$tmp$configure.php$batch$.bat' on server XXX
No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging
Cannot find module (IP-MIB): At line 0 in (none)
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'WpbApi_HttpUnauthorizedException' with message 'The user with the name "" is not authenticated.' in /var/www/vhosts/1/<customer_webspace_ID>/webspace/siteapps/WebPresenceBuilder-1001/scripts/include/WpbApi.php:247

Similar error can be found in Application log of the Event Viewer (in case if failure is related to the Windows Shared Hosting webspace):

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'WpbApi_HttpUnauthorizedException' with message 'The user with the name "" is not authenticated.' in C:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00xxxxxx\siteapps\ParallelsPresenceBuilder-yyyyy\scripts\include\WpbApi.php:247
Stack trace:
#4 C:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00xxxxxx\siteapps\ParallelsPresenceBuilder-yyyyy\scripts\$tmp$configure.php.php(20): ApsConnecto in C:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00xxxxxx\siteapps\ParallelsPresenceBuilder-yyyyy\scripts\include\WpbApi.php on line 247


This issue is caused by empty values of two task parameters:

For OA 5.5:

env_var25       SETTINGS_sitePassword
env_var25_value     {PEMBF}
env_var22       SETTINGS_siteUuid

For OA 6.0:

env_var26       SETTINGS_sitePassword
env_var26_value     {PEMBF}
env_var30       SETTINGS_siteUuid


The issue has been reported to the development team as POA-86403 and was fixed in next versions of Odin Automation. Please consider upgrading to the latest available version.

For a workaround please contact Odin Technical Support.

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