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Article ID: 122305, created on Jul 9, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4


Domain name belongs to 2 different Account IDs and the same Subscription ID (Home>External Systems Director>Domain Manager>Domains).


The issue appears if the following conditions are met:

  • Domain was moved from one account to another
  • Domain was renewed using PlaceOrderAndAUthorize_API method

The issue was reported to the Developers team in bug #PBA-57600.


Becuase it is not possible to renew domains using PlaceOrderAndAUthorize_API method in PBA-E 5.5 it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of PBA-E.

To fix current domain please get the list of such domain IDs:

select a1."DomainID" from "ADomain" a1 join "ADomain" a2 on (a1."subscriptionID" =         a2."subscriptionID") where a1."FullDomainName" = a2."FullDomainName" and a1."DomainID" != a2."DomainID" and a1."Status" = 20;

Then execute the following update:

update "ADomain" a set ("PrimaryNameServer", "SecondaryNameServer", "RegistrationDate", "subscriptionID") = (b."PrimaryNameServer", b."SecondaryNameServer", b."RegistrationDate", b."subscriptionID") from  "ADomainArc" b where a."DomainID" = b."DomainID" and  b."DomainID" = [affected_domain_id] and b."RegistrationDate"<>0 and  b."DateArc" = (select max("DateArc")from "ADomainArc" where "DomainID" = [affected_domain_id] and "RegistrationDate" <>0);

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