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Article ID: 122097, created on Jun 19, 2014, last review on Nov 6, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


The task "Synchronize PPM mirror on host" fails with multiple errors:

Last execution output   
Following packages failed to synchronize: sc-Win32-5.2-i386-RequestTracker-     Destination host '' (#1), IP '<MN_IP>' : Internal error: Cannot fetch 'sc-Win32-5.2-i386-RequestTracker-': 'http://<MN_IP>/tarballs/RHEL/5/x86_64/YUM/sc-Win32-5.2-i386-RequestTracker- The requested URL returned error: 404
http://<MN_IP>/tarballs/RHEL/5/i386/YUM/sc-Win32-5.2-i386-RequestTracker- The requested URL returned error: 404
http://<MN_IP>/tarballs/RHES/4/x86_64/YUM/sc-Win32-5.2-i386-RequestTracker- The 


This is caused by POA-37576 - "PPM mirrors synchronization problems"


If there is only one PPM mirror in Parallels Operations Automation (POA) and it is located on the POA Management node, ignore the task and do not use synchronization in the future. This functionality is overlapped by the updates/upgrades installation mechanism.

During the installation of updates, PPM packages (tgz files) are extracted from the distributed files and placed into the directory /usr/local/pem/install/tarballs/ on the POA Management Node. As a result, the contents of the PPM mirror http://<MN_IP>/tarballs is updated whenever an installation is carried out.

If you would like to fix the task:

  1. Create a temporary directory in /usr/local/pem/install/tarballs:

    # mkdir /usr/local/pem/install/tarballs/tmp_ppm/
  2. Copy the files from tarballs to this directory:

    # cp /usr/local/pem/install/tarballs/*tgz /usr/local/pem/install/tarballs/tmp_ppm/
  3. Add the URL http://<MN_IP>/tarballs/tmp_ppm to Infrastructure > Package Repository > URLs

  4. Re-run the failed task.

To get more details on bug POA-37576, contact your Account Manager.

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