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Article ID: 122061, created on Jun 17, 2014, last review on Jun 17, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.5


Synchronization of subscription resources with plan fails with error:

Could not install Resources to PEMGATE: Communication Failure: Error in method invocation.

Following error can be found in PEMGATE.log:

[14-06-14 16:28:14.235 Worker1.4   RQ274610 TRC]  ---[1] virtual SimpleResList bPEMST::getResourceAmounts(Int, Int)
[14-06-14 16:28:14.235 Worker1.4   RQ274610 TRC] ...[0] *** INTERRUPTED BY EXCEPTION *** ErrorMessage* PEMGATE::SetServiceParamBulk(DataPacket*)
[14-06-14 16:28:14.235 Worker1.4   RQ274610 NTE] Rolling back application transaction = 275260
[14-06-14 16:28:14.235 Worker1.4   RQ274610 NTE] ROLLBACK of transaction = 275260
[14-06-14 16:28:14.236 RDBMS       RQ274610 INF] Direct execute [0x7f30b0002400]: ROLLBACK
[14-06-14 16:28:14.236 RDBMS       RQ274610 INF] Direct execute [0x7f30b0002400]: BEGIN
[14-06-14 16:28:14.236 Worker1.4   RQ274610 TRC] Executing 0 post-rollback callbacks.
[14-06-14 16:28:14.236 Worker1.4   RQ274610 NTE] Component::OuterRollback: Worker1.4 rollback transaction #275260
[14-06-14 16:28:14.236 Worker1.4   TH30656 FTL] Thread terminated by throwing an instance of 'N8iqxmlrpc5Value8Bad_castE'.
  what(): iqxmlrpc::Value: incorrect type was requested.


Bug #PBA-57123

One or more of service plan resources do not have any service gate assigned


If resource without gate is not used in any subscriptions and could be based on a DUMMYGATE instead, it is suggested to remove such resource from service plan, synchronize all subscriptions with option "Remove obsolete resource(s)" and "Install into Provisioning System" - "Not Install". Then delete resource without gate from PBA completely and create a new one instead - based on DUMMYGATE. Add this new resource back to service plan and synchronize subscriptions.

If resource without gate is used in some subscriptions, you can separately synchronize needed resources of subscription (Synchronizing Subscription Resources, Synchronizing Subscriptions Resources From Plan) or use "Resource Order" option during subscription synchronization (Synchronizing Subscription)

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