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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.5.6 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Support for Temporary Access to a Customer Mailbox
  • Temporary Access to FTP and Database Services
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1
  • Support for Update Rollup 5 For Exchange 2010 SP3
  • Support for Update Rollup 13 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 3
  • Improved Network Interfaces Management for Hardware Nodes in Cloud Infrastructure

New Features

  • Adding a Photo to User Contact Information
  • Parallels Containers for Windows 6.0 Support for Cloud Infrastructure Module

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-85229 The Global Web Distribution for all Exchange 2010/2013 OABs should be configured.
  • POA-84710 The Domain is not added to the list of 'Accepted domains' in Exchange.
  • POA-84162 Exchange provisioning fails if the "public folders" resource is not zero and the BES service exists.

Linux Mail Hosting

  • POA-84006 The QmailBF password type is not removed after upgrade to POA 5.5.

Customer Directory Integration

  • POA-83350 Customer cannot remove a mailbox from any distribution if the mailbox was synchronized from ADSync.
  • POA-52054 A disabled service user is not removed from the Synchronized Objects List of AD users.

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-84763 The WebFileManager does not report errors of permission retrieval.
  • POA-83653 The task "Configure IP address on host" is not executed on the "Change hosting" operation, when one selects the same exclusive IP address as used before. This results in webspace unavailability.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-85132 The task "Collect resources usage statistics from WebServer" may fail with OOM error.
  • POA-84927 The WebCluster SC is crashed during database synchronization.
  • POA-84804 Cannot add the FTP access to webspace on Linux.
  • POA-84547 Memory leaks in
  • POA-84520 The Linux Shared Hosting > NG migration does not switch the logrotate service_id and path.
  • POA-84259 The POA 5.5 Linux Shared Hosting > NG migration script does not update the Log Manager settings. After migration Log Manager is still configured to access logs in old location.
  • POA-84205 The error occurs: "There is no service to provide Web File Manager", when opening the File Manager from Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-84190 All Redis slaves may crash and cause the NG websites inaccessibility.
  • POA-82324 LVE limits do not work, when FastCGI mode is used in Linux Shared Hosting NG.
  • POA-82104 A staff member is able to change web hosting location for subscriptions outside of his/her "Managed subscriptions".
  • POA-51046 The Apache PHP open_basedir property does not allow using multiple paths.

VPS Hosting

  • POA-84554 If a subscription with dedicated VPS has some failed task, the links to VZPP are not shown in Customer Control Panel.
  • POA-84534 The limit upgrade for the resource "Remote access to VPS" fails.

Application Hosting

  • POA-84808 When adding a user of SpamExperts, the wizard shows the Primary email address of Account admin instead of address of the user.
  • POA-80630 Parallels Web Presence Builder instance has the incorrect location path, which causes the WPB upgrade failure.
  • APS-16159 Open-Xchange branding does not work with Open-Xchange 7.x.
  • APS-15611 The application users list creation takes too long in POA Customer Control Panel. Sometimes it takes more than Apache timeout and leads to an error.
  • APS-16275 Sometimes the APS2 service is not provisioned automatically if the service of APS1 application is present in the subscription.
  • APS-15757 The Post-upgrade task "Propagation of APS 2.0 resources for the account #1" does not complete normally.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-8451 There could be a problem adding a PCS hardware node to POA.
  • CCU-8365 It was impossible to create a server based on an image whose name contained special symbols.
  • CCU-8294 Instance Manager failure event messages could remain unsent.
  • CCU-8293 An incorrect estimated price for the default Cloud Infrastructure configuration was displayed in the customer's control panel.
  • CCU-8283 Instance Manager used to leak data when clearing terracotta cache.
  • CCU-8235 Network disk usage was not shown in the the server control panel.
  • CCU-8217 Backup space usage in the customer's control panel used to be displayed in bytes instead of megabytes.
  • CCU-8108 Scheduled backups that could not be created on any hardware node remained in active state.
  • CCU-7912 It was not clear from UI how each of the storage nodes was used.
  • CCU-7781 Sending Ctrl-Alt-Del to server console used to have no effect on the server.


  • POA-85004 The proxyAddresses of the Exchange-related AD entity is cleaned up completely, when OCS service is removed from the user.
  • POA-84363 The pem.enableSubscription and subscriptionDNSRecordsUpdateTaskGroupComplete methods interaction may result in the deadlock for one of these methods.
  • POA-84137 The deactivated and deleted DNS record is not removed from NS server.
  • POA-83798 After the update installation, the CP packages may left not upgraded on Windows UI nodes.
  • POA-83510 POA cannot register an IDN domain with the name part longer than 63 octets in UTF-8.
  • POA-83430 The Contact Info Email address that is set for a service user is not written to the AD user, when no mailbox is assigned.
  • POA-83394 The TCP port of the Service Controller may exceed the range of accepted ports and result in a Service Controller inaccessibility.
  • POA-83209 A cancelled periodic task can be cleaned up.
  • POA-82916 Long running and timed out task in some SC can cause other tasks in this SC to timeout as well.
  • POA-82671 Cannot register a WPE node if the AD Administrator password contains the '^' symbol.
  • POA-82435 The limit parameter type is set incorrectly for the method pem.setResourceTypeLimits.
  • POA-82391 The DNS Hosting resource is used twice by the same domain, when initially a domain is created with external DNS hosting and then the DNS hosting is provisioned via PBA.
  • POA-82387 Cannot restore the forgotten password in POA if the property "Case- sensitive usernames" is disabled.
  • POA-82167 The button "Change DNS Hosting to Internal" is not shown in POA UI if an account has more than 100 domains.
  • POA-82133 ActiveDirectory SC initializes reporters map in a not-thread safe manner. As a result concurrent request for statistics collection may crash the controller.
  • POA-82085 Windows 2008 R2 SP1 should be recommended for Core servers in PA 5.5.
  • POA-80773 A staff member that has access restricted to only one subscription, can create a service user that can manage other websites that belong to other subscriptions.
  • POA-80771 The Service Users Management privilege is set to "View", but it allows creating new users.
  • POA-77949 A staff member can access a webspace content even if such privilege is disabled.
  • POA-71142 The "News" privilege is Disabled, but the screen with news is still shown in Customer Control Panel.


  • POA-85271 Search engines compatibility issue.
  • POA-84543 The password reset tasks fail, if the a new password violates the strength policy set forth in AD.
  • POA-83380 When restoring password via the "Forgot password" link, the Password Quality Level is not checked.
  • POA-82508 The fix for the MITM vulnerability breaks the login from Customer Control Panel to Sitebuilder 4.5.


The update can be downloaded here.

Please contact support for its deployment.


You can find full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

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